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Hy folks! Hope you are doing well. In this article, we will discuss the best 4C hairstyles that you can easily maintain. Because it is quite difficult to manage the 4C hairs as they have a tight zig-zag pattern.

To avoid the struggle of handling curly hair. Some people just straighten them or get a hair treatment that makes hair silky and straight for a long time like passion twist hairstyles. But of course, after some time hairs get back to their original shape.

And people can not avoid the situation again and again. Therefore, here will tell you the easy best 4C hairstyles that will help you to manage your hair easily. So let’s start the discussion, without any further due.

What Are The Best 4C Hairstyles?

Here is the list of some best 4C hairstyles that you can easily follow in your daily routine. So have a look at them and save your time.

1- Wash And Go

As the name says, this is the easiest hairstyle for people who have curly hair. But this is not as quick as the name depicts. Obviously, you can not just wash your hair and go. You have to follow some easy steps to get the best 4C hairstyles. But the end results are amazing. That’s why this is the top style on our list.Best 4C Hairstyles

2- Jumbo Topknot

If you do not like to have hair on the face then Jumbo topknot should be your first preference. To make this style, grip your roots tightly and make a bun. Make sure you leave the baby hairs down with a hairbrush. Because it gives a nice look. This is a quick style as it does not take much time.Best 4C Hairstyles

3- Ponytail

This is the best 4C hairstyle and it is quite easy to make. To make this style, first, brush down your hair gently. Then take a light rubber band to tie your hair. Keep the hair knot light so that your curly hair has volume.Best 4C Hairstyles

4- Bantu Knots

If you love African hairstyles then Bantu knots are the best choice for you. This is a quick hairstyle as it can look messy. Just take your hair on the head and divide it into multiple sections. Make small buns from each section and tie them to secure the hairstyle. Brush down your baby hairs and you are ready to go.Best 4C Hairstyles

5- Twist-Out

First, dampen your hairstyle and apply styling products if you like. Wait for some time until your hair gets dry completely. Air dry your hair to get the natural curls. This can take a long time if you use a hairdryer or a diffuser. This style is best for people who love to play with their hair or like the texture.Best 4C Hairstyles

6- Braid-Out

With braids, you can give an enhanced look to your curls. Unlike simple braids, divide your hair into three sections. Now braid each section and leave it for some time. When you untie the hair you will get to see the best results. Make sure to not use the hairbrush after you untie the hair. Because it can affect the natural curls of your hair. The best thing about the braid-out style is that it gives volume to the hair.Best 4C Hairstyles

7- CurlFormers

If you like long curls then you can achieve this style by using a set of Curlformers. These are made of fabric material that has a curly shape. First, dampen your hair then loop your hair through the Curlformers. Wait until your hair gets dry. Once your hair gets dry you can remove the Curlformers or apply the styling product if you want.Best 4C Hairstyles

8- Water Wave Magic Curls

The people who love the beachy waves can get this style by using the water wave magic curls. They look similar to the Curlformers but they are quite loose. And when you loop your dampened hair through it you will get a different result.Best 4C Hairstyles

9- Perm Rods

You do not need to spend more money if you want ringlet curls. Because you can achieve this simple style by using perm rods. Like the other fabric curling tools apply the perm rods on the dampened hair. Then wait until your hair gets dry completely. You can also use a dryer to save time.Best 4C Hairstyles

10- Roller Set

Straightening curly hair with a good volume can be a long process. But you can make it easy by using the roller set. Dampen your hair first and then use large rollers to get a maximum stretch. Wait until your hair gets dry. Remove the roller from your hair and apply a hydrating serum to seal your ends. Moreover, you can use a dryer to save time.Best 4C Hairstyles

11- Pigtail Cornrows

Pigtail cornrows are as simple as braids. It means you can get this hairstyle without taking help from anybody. All you need is to make crossing sections of your hair, unlike French braids. Make sections in such a way that you end up having a single braid section. This style can take 15 minutes from your busy routine. But if you are an expert stylist you can do this style in less time.Best 4C Hairstyles

12- Flat Twists

Braids sometimes become difficult to do. Therefore, flat twists are always the best option to choose. You can leave the flat twists down your back or can fold them into a bun according to your preference. If you like large twists then in a short time you can complete the styling.Best 4C Hairstyles

13- Messy Bun

Buns are always the first choice of the girls who do not like much styling. Making a normal bun may need some styling. But a messy bun is so simple that within a minute you can make it. And to hide your baby’s hair you can use a hairband.Best 4C Hairstyles

14- Phony Pony

With a drawstring ponytail, you can glam up your normal look. If you do not try this style before then try it now. First, Slick your hair in a low bun and tie it with a ponytail. That’s it.Best 4C Hairstyles

15- Curly Clip-Ins

To add a nice touch to your normal hairstyle you can add a few curly clip-ins. Make sections of your hair strategically and add the extensions as needed. Once you add all the clip-ins, comb your hair with extensions for a nice blend.Best 4C Hairstyles

To Sum Up

That’s all viewers, these are just some of the best 4C hairstyles that you can try at home. All these hairstyles require less than 15 minutes or some just take a minute. So if you have a hectic routine and do not have time to manage your hair. Then you should try styles from the above list.

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