13 Best Ash Blonde Hair Colors Highlights – Eye Catching Hairstyles

People are switching from normal black hair to the best ash blonde hair colors. Some people get confused easily while selecting the right shade of ash.

Do not stress yourself more about it because in this article we will tell you about some ash blonde hair that you can try. So let’s start the discussion.

What are the Best Ash Blonde Hair Colors of 2022?

Following is the list of best ash blonde hair colors that you can try. Have a look.

1- Ashy Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

The ashy highlights enhance the appearance especially when you stand in the light. They look best on women who have light skin tone.

The best thing about the ashy highlights is that they add beachy texture and dimension to the hair.

ash blonde hair colors

2- Medium Ash Blonde Hue

This style is a combination of dark roots, dirty blonde, and an ashy brown hue. It looks best on a short haircut. To maintain this style for a long time it is important to keep your hair conditioned in all situations.

By using the right hair products you can keep the hair smooth for a long time at home.

ash blonde hair colors

3- Brown and Ash Blonde Highlights

This shade gives little vibes of the beigey side. To add dimension to the hair you can add waves of the hair with blonde highlights. The soft baby lights look stunning on the hair and make the appearance cute.

ash blonde hair colors

4- Light Ash Blonde Hair

The solid light ash blonde shade works well with the hair. With some side bangs, you can add texture to the mid-length hair. The shade looks good on women that have a light or fair complexion. In addition, it can bring out the natural pink color of your skin.

ash blonde hair colors

5- Two-Tone Ash Blonde

This hairstyle looks best on the soft, fresh, and wavy locks. The two-tone ash blonde is a lighter version of ash blonde balayage that gives a shade of caramel. You can attract people’s attention by flaunting your hair in the sunlight.

ash blonde hair colors

6- Silver Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

The dark brunette roots create a sexy look in the hair. This shade suits people who have medium-length hair. The baby highlights help to get a smooth transition of the colors.

Make sure to straighten your hair to flaunt all colors. To add more texture to the hair you can get a pixie cut. This hair cut also adds dimension to the hair.

ash blonde hair colors

7- Sun-Kissed Best Ash Blonde Hair Colors

The ash-blonde shade looks graceful on the dark brown hair color. By applying this shade you will get a natural color tone from the darker roots to the tips.

The ashy blonde shade adds dimension and texture to the hair. It looks best on medium-length hair as they are easy to style.

You can also cover your hair in a pony to flaunt all the shades. Make sure to add the ash color to the ashy base to get a natural color tone.

ash blonde hair colors

8- Dark Ash Blonde

The transition from the dark ash blonde to the light hue makes this style modern and expensive. But the results are worthy. You can add these color shades to long hair.

The reason is that ash highlights will flaunt more on the long hair. The ashy colors are temporary.

Therefore, you need to use sulfate-free products to keep the colors vibrant. Moreover, avoid the use of warm water to wash the hair as the hot products help colors to fade easily.

ash blonde hair colors

9- Smokey Ash Blonde

The best thing about the smokey ash blonde is that it blends naturally into a silvery tone. But this is hard to achieve.

Make sure to apply the shade on the wavy hair to create more texture and add dimension to the hair. The waves also volumize the hair but make sure to add loose curls.

So that you can easily style your hair. But remember that smokey ash is a high maintenance color you need to visit the salon frequently.

You can also use sulfate-free products at home with cold water to prevent the shine of the color.

ash blonde hair colors

10- Ash Blonde Balayage

The ash blonde balayage is a low-maintenance color. You can use any product for styling and maintaining the color.

By using the best products you can maintain the smoothness and texture of the hair. So do not comprise hair health while getting hair color.

To get the ash blonde balayage there are many techniques. Ask your stylist to know which technique will suit your hair. So that your hair does not get damaged.

ash blonde hair colors

11- Ash Blonde Ombre

The ash blonde ombre is an eye-catching shade. It is a low-maintenance color and makes your hair edgy.

This shade gives the feel of the school bleach and tone but required less maintenance. If you want to keep the color for a long time then you need to visit the salon after 3 months.

ash blonde hair colors

12- Ash Blonde Babylights

This style is created by combining baby lights and balayage. They add texture and dimension to the hair. The ash blonde highlights enhance the overall appearance.

But this is a time taking process and you need to use the right products to maintain the shine on the hair.

ash blonde hair colors

13- Grey and Ash Blonde Tones

This style is also known as silver foliage. The reason is that it includes two techniques. You can achieve the lightness to create a silver color by using foils and balayage.

It is one of the modern techniques that people love to use. This shade looks best on medium to long hair as it adds texture and shine to the hair.

Furthermore, it is a low maintenance style that you need normal products.

ash blonde hair colors


Do not confuse yourself in selecting the Best Ash Blonde Hair Colors which shade will suit your hair. Try the ones that we mention in this article and choose your favorite shade.

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