10 Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas You’ve Gotta See

Ash enhances the appearance of the normal hair color. Therefore, many women try this trending color to update their hair.

But do you ever think of trying the best ash brown hair color ideas? If you do think about it then this article is right for you.

This is because here we will discuss the best ideas for brown hair color that enhance the color naturally.

Here we will only discuss the genuine shades that are approved by the stylists. So do not worry you can try these shades on your hair without having any confusion.

So let’s dive into the discussion without taking your further time.

What are the Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas That You Should Try?

Following is the list of best ash brown hair color ideas that will enhance your appearance naturally. So have a look.

1- Ash Brown Highlights

Highlights can make hair tone warm or light depending on the shade you select. The case is the same with the ash brown highlights. They give your hair a hot look that will make your appearance bold. But this is not enough, ash brown color also adds dimension to the hair. So try the ash brown highlights first and see whether they look good with your hair or not. If you get the expected results then switch the overall color to ash brown.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

2- Medium Ash Brown Money Piece

Money piece is the new way of dying the hair. It became famous in the style market due to its excellent results. It makes hair smooth and improves overall health. The main purpose of the medium ash brown shade is to flaunt the face-framing strands. It makes your hair appear soft and allows you to shine at the same time with a brown shade.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

3- Mushroom Brown

According to the 2021 trends, Mushroom Brown is a popular color. This combination contains different shades of gray and brown that results in the mushroom brown color. This brown color gives dark color vibes to the roots to make them look natural. To do the coloring you need to do a series of highlights and lowlights.

As a result, you will have a multidimensional hair color that everyone will notice. So try this shade to enhance your appearance in any event.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

4- Ash Chocolate Brown

You can go for the ash chocolate brown shade if you want to try some dark color. The chocolate brown color gives a shiny look to the hair. So that you do not have to use the shine spray or the gel on the hair. You can flaunt the ash chocolate brown color by adding layers and waves to the hair.

Furthermore, you can enhance the shine by styling your hair straight. The ash shade gives a whole new look to your strands. The ash chocolate brown is a cold tone therefore your strands stay vibrant for a long time. Furthermore, it is a low-maintenance color so give it a try.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

5- Medium Ash Brown Balayage

The vibrant ash is a high-maintenance color. But if you are looking for a low-maintenance style then you can try the medium ash brown balayage hair colors. Balayage coloring style is similar to the traditional highlights but the results are efficient. With the help of this style, you can enhance the appearance of your specific features.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

6- Ash Brown Ombre

The second low-maintenance idea on this list is the Ash brown ombre. The shade looks completely natural on the hair as the roots have a dark shade. While the tips have a light shade. This process gives a natural shine and texture to the hair. The best part of this style is that you can show off the shades with any hairstyle.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

7- Ash Brown Sombre

If you want to add multiple colors to your hair then you should try the waters with the ash brown Sombre. This shade is a spin-off of the ombre trend that allows you to play with different colors without having any dramatic feel. The noticeable feature of this shade is the transition between the dark roots and the light tips.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

8- Gray Ash Brown

Gray is a simple color but gives a natural shine to the hair. Due to the simplicity of the gray color people get confused about whether they should try this color or not. If you too have this confusion then try the gray ash brown shade. It is a mixture of gray and silver tones with a cool brown base color.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

9- Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas With Pastel Highlights

Pastel highlights are the favorite of everyone due to their vibrant shine. If you want to change your normal hair look. Then try the pastel pink or purple highlights on the brown hair base. The reason is that the highlight’s colors melt into the base and create a cool tone. Due to the cool tone, you can easily style your hair.

Furthermore, it is a low maintenance style so use normal products that you are currently using to maintain your hair.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

10- Ash Bronde

If you want to blend two hair colors on the head. Then try the ash blonde on the natural base color. This is because this shade is a perfect mix of brown lowlights and highlights with an ashy blonde. The mixture results in the cool tones in the strands. This will give a happy touch to your appearance.

Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas


Try these Best Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas to switch from the normal hair look. They will add a unique look to your appearance. To save time you can try these silver purple colors as they produce a natural look and add dimension to the hair.

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