Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Hazel Brown, Red Hair Color

Finding the best hair color for hazel eyes and hazel brown, green, pale skin, warm skin tones, and red hair color is not as difficult as people think.

There are many hair colors that you can try on your hair. But if you are confused about which colour shade you should select. Then we are here for you. In this article, we will tell you about the different colour shades that you can apply to your hair.

Let’s start the discussion so that you can select the right colour for your hair.

What Is The Best Color Shade According To Eye Color And Skin Tone?

Here we tell you about some best hair colors for hazel eyes that are suitable for specific eye color and skin tone combinations. So have a look.

1- Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Light Skin

The right shade of blond is the perfect complement to your hazel eyes and white skin. In my opinion, select the light blonde color. Because it will make you more attractive.

If you have hazel eyes and pale skin then the medium champagne color will benefit you. Because the blue and green tints in the champagne hair will eliminate the pink undertone of the skin.

On the other hand, yellow blond or any color that belongs in the category of golden blonde hair is perfect for hazel eyes and light warm skin. Moreover, the constant toning of hair to prevent brass from creeping into your hair colors is a good decision.

In addition, the hazel eyes and Ivory skin give compliments to each other, Therefore they can fit perfectly in any color between medium blonde to light brown.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

2- The Best Hair Color for Medium Skin With Hazel Eyes

The tints of blue and green are found underneath the medium ash brown hair color. That’s why, for medium skin and hazel eyes, this hair color is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, the hazel eyes and olive skin suit well with the light platinum blonde or golden blonde. Here, the blonde hair can either be cool-toned or warm-toned.

While the lighter shade is most suitable to highlight the green color in your eyes. However, to highlight the hair with golden eyes, the warm color will be perfect.

In addition, the perfect hair color amidst browns is suitable for the warmed-skinned and hazel-eyed body. You can also select the burgundy color or dark mahogany.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

3- The Best Hair Color for Tan Skin With Hazel Eyes

Any hair color is suitable for tan skin. But when it comes to the hazel eyes then chestnut browns and rich chocolate suits the most.

But make sure that your hair is not too brown. Because the dark browns can overcome the green flecks in your eyes.

Moreover, the bronde hair color is also the best choice for medium-tanned skin.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

4- The Best Hair Color for Dark Skin With Hazel Eyes

After discussing the hair color for the tan skin with hazel eyes. Now we should discuss the hair color with dark skin and hazel eyes.

Because it is a rare combination and it needs some magical colors that can go with the appearance. You can enhance your look only when you have the right hair color.

Therefore here we tell you that magical color which is naturally dark brown color. Because it fits with all types of dark skin. Moreover, it complements the hazel color of the eyes.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

5- Hazel Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

Usually, for dark and tan skin tones, dark hair colors are suitable. But which hair color will suit the light or cool skin tone?

This is an important question but does not worry because we have the answer. So have a look. For the pink or blue undertone select the ashy hair shades.
Also, make sure that your wrist’s veins are either purple or blue. You can select the following ashy hair shades

  • Light ash and icy blonde
  • Medium as brown
  • Red and gold highlights are not for you so avoid them.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

6- Hazel Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

For the tawny, yellow, or peachy undertone, select the reddish and gold highlights. Also, you can select this hair color if your wrist’s veins are green.

You can also select the colors like medium brown, light golden, ginger, copper, etc. If you have a neutral skin tone and hazel eyes then you are lucky. Because you can experiment with multiple shades except ashy or reddish.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

7- Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes

If you have this combination, avoid extra light shades of blonde and stick to medium blondes. You can select the bronde, dark bronde. Because blonde hair suits best with light hazel eyes.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

8- Hazel Eyes and Brunette Hair:

For this combination, avoid super-dark tones like chocolate brown. And select the medium or rich shades. Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

9- Best Red Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

If you have this combination then auburn is the right hair color for ladies. Also, strawberry blond is a good choice for hazel-green eyes. Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

10- Unnatural Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Avoid violets and blues if you have a warm skin tone. Moreover, avoid all reds if you have cool undertones. Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

11- Best Hair Color for Dark Hazel Eyes:

Dark hazel eyes are a rare case. Also, they are mysterious because they often change their color. So according to your skin tone select the right hair color. Keep in mind whether you have warm skin or cold skin while making a decision. Moreover, select the 2-3 shades light or dark according to your skin tone. Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes


That’s all folks, in conclusion, we will say if you have best hair color for hazel eyes with pale skin. Then medium champagne hair color will suit your personality. Also, the blue and green tints in the brown hair are suitable for hazel eyes and light warm skin.

If you have other skin tones or eye combinations then carefully read the article to get the right answer.

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