12 Best Reddish Brown Hair Color Ideas AKA “Red Brown Hair”

Reddish color gives hair a natural look. They produce texture and shine on the hair. In addition, the red color adds dimension to the hair.

Therefore in this article, we will give you some best reddish brown hair color ideas that you can easily try. Selecting the right color shade is necessary as it can enhance the appearance.

But if you select the wrong shade then all your money and time get wasted. So let’s start the discussion to make sure you choose the right option for your hair.

What are the Best Reddish Brown Hair Color Ideas?

The following list contains the best reddish-brown hair color ideas that you should try. So have a look.

1- Burgundy Red Highlights on Brown Hair

You can create a stunning contrast on your hair by doing the burgundy red streaks on the dark natural hair. It creates a natural look that you will not get from any other color. This unique idea will spice up your normal hair look and allow you to shine brightly. But this is a high maintenance shade therefore you need to select the right products to apply to the hair.Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

2- Best Reddish-Brown Hair Color Ideas with Highlights

To get this sleek Best Reddish Brown Hair Color you need to melt the dark chocolate brown color in the cherry red.

You can also add copper highlights to this combination to create a shine on the hair surface. But remember that reddish-brown is not a permanent color. It can fade away with some washes. So make sure to use the sulfate-free shampoo with cold water.Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

3- Brown Chestnut and Red Balayage

By using the balayage style you can give a unique look to the brown chestnut and red shade. The color matches naturally with the root color and melts into the attractive ombre color. The best thing about this shade is that it suits multiple skin tones and hair lengths. Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

4- Reddish Golden Brown

The reddish-golden brown shade needs low maintenance as compared to vibrant red colors. The best thing is that with time the brown color faded into the light colors that look cool on the hair. Furthermore, you can flaunt easily with the reddish-golden brown shade on any haircut and complexion. Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

5- Light Reddish Brown

The women who have tan and warm skin tones can select the light reddish-brown shade. The reason is that it adds shine to the hair and adds texture to the hair. You can flaunt the hair by straightening your hair. The best thing about this shade is that you do not have to use external serum or shine spray to create shine in the hair.Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

6- Red and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

This shade is a combination of honey and strawberry balayage. It is specially created to update the classic light brunette hair. You can apply this shade to the red and brown highlights hair colors for a better appearance. Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

7- Red Chocolate Brown

The red chocolate brown shade looks similar to the wood color. If you love nature you can give this shade a try. It will add life to your hair and give them a dimension. The best thing about this style is that it is easy to carry on both straight and curly hair. The red chocolate brown hair color suits the fair or light complexion.Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

8- Dark Red and Brown Whine

The attractive dark red and brown whine shade is specially made for the light complexion. It has a dark shadow root with light brown white color at the tips.

This shade helps to make your locks vibrant and shiny brown. At the same time, the red hair hue adds definition to the hair and enhances the hair shape.

Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

9- Reddish Brown and Dark Auburn Balayage

The reddish-brown color with the dark auburn balayage gives a warm feeling. The reason is that both are warm tones and work best for the roots. Both the colors blend effortlessly into each other and you can enhance the look by straightening your hair. Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

10- Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If you want to update the dark brown hair then add the red highlights to them. It is considered the best way to dabble as a redhead. The best part is that they do not need much maintenance. Therefore by using the normal products you can keep the color vibrant for a long time.Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

11- Dark Balayage On Dark Brown Hair

You can shine effortlessly by adding red balayage to brunette roots. It creates a natural shine in the hair and you can carry this style easily. The best thing about this shade is that it looks perfect on both short and long hair. To flaunt the red shade you can add waves to the hair.

Best Reddish Brown Hair Color

12- Red to Brown Ombre on Short Hair

The transition from red to brown suits the short hair as the dark color is applied only to the roots to give a natural look. By using this shade you can show off your pixie cut. This shade is made by blending the cherry red and chocolate colors. The best thing about this style is that it gives depth and dimension to hair of any type. Furthermore, it works best with a light complexion.

Best Reddish Brown Hair Color


As compared to the other vibrant colors the Best Reddish Brown Hair color ideas give a more natural look. It is easy to carry and you can easily style your hair. So select the shades that we have mentioned in the above list to save your time.

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