Black Womens Hairstyles – The New Hairstyles for Black Women

The black womens hairstyles are back and looking better than ever. With the popularity of the style, it was hard for the style to stay true to its roots. However, the “Chunky” hairstyle is one of the favorites among black hairstyles. This Black Womens hairstyles highlights the natural curves of the black woman’s hair. “Chunky” also gives you the ability to wear this hairstyle with pants or a skirt.

Black women have such a huge variety of styles that it would be almost impossible to mention them all. There are so many different natural hairstyles for black women that it would take pages to write them all. It is always a good idea to experiment with new looks and styles every now and then to see what works best for you. Make sure you take a picture of yourself and have a style provider give you a good idea of what will look best on you.

Best Black Womens Hairstyles That You Need In Your Life 

If you are a black woman, you should never be without a great hairstyle. In fact, if you have not tried these Black Womens Hairstyles yet, you should really get your hands on some black people’s hairstyles so you can play them up with a touch of your personality. Here are some great ideas for this decade’s cute hairstyles for black women.

1- Buble Haircuts 

Another great look for the black women who love the classic cut is the bubble. This is a low roll that gives you the room to experiment with messy hairstyles. Most people end up with a high ponytail with the roots down and a loose chignon over the crown.

black womens hairstyles

2- The Chunky Hairstyles 

The “Chunky” hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles for women because of its affordability. A lot of Black Womens Hairstyles are available at your local salon or you can purchase them at many online sites that specialize in black hairstyles. There are many different hairstyles available depending on how you want to wear your hair. These hairstyles work great with either gel, mousse, or even hairspray.

In the “Chunky” hairstyle, all the layers are cut low to the scalp leaving room for some bounce. The “Chunky” black cute hairstyles usually end up in a high ponytail with the roots swept to the side. This black women’s style gives you plenty of volume and the chance to experiment with messy hairstyles. If you don’t like your ponytail staying messy you can always tuck the tips under your hair to minimize the look. This allows for a lot more freedom and is an ideal option for those with very curly hair.

black womens hairstyles

3- The Afro Hairstyles 

One of the most popular trending hairstyles for black women is the Afro. The afro is an extremely versatile African American hairstyle that allows you to wear your hair in so many different ways.

This look works best when you have lighter skin and a lot of body. You can also just let your hair down for a casual look or you can get your hair up and add some curls or waves depending on your preference.

black womens hairstyles

4- Brandy’s Micro Braids

Ask anyone about their hair icon list of the 1990s and I’ll guarantee that you will repeat Brandy’s name. Box Braids were always in style, but they really were popular in the 1990s because of Brandy.

Whether in the Moesha or up and style on a red carpet, the microwaves of Brandy have become a real staple.

black womens hairstyles

5- Funky Hairstyles

As we move into the nineties, hip-hop culture took a big leap forward. This movement gave way to funky hairstyles that were unique to every person in that particular era. You could choose from a variety of colors and textures. For example, a dark-haired black woman could cut her hair in cornrows to give it a more Afro-Rican American look.

The hair color was a little bit lighter at this point. These were the black womens hairstyles for the hip hop stars of that era.

black womens hairstyles

6- Black Women Sported Short Hairstyles

During the early part of the nineties, even though hairstyles had changed dramatically, many black women sported short hairstyles that were spiky, pigtails, and messy. These hairstyles were still very popular.

The hair care industry saw these styles as a way to draw attention to black women rather than focusing on the more classic look. There was still a need for black women to have longer hair. Many of the black women hairstyles were in line with the trend of longer, thicker hair.

black womens hairstyles


We have mentioned the latest Black Womens Hairstyles to help you find the right one for you. After reading this article keenly, you can find out what hairstyles will look best with your skin tone and face shape. With the many options for black women, you can also check out wedding hairstyles for black women there is no reason why you should not look your best.

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