BTS Hairstyles | The Perfect Bangtan Boys Haircut in 2022

With the growth of BTS pop, it’s no surprise that fans desire to emulate their unique and lively personalities Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS (Korean Boys), was founded in 2010, and a South Korean boy band founded and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment.

Originally a hip hop group, BTS’s musical style, as well as their BTS Hairstyles, has expanded to embrace a wide range of genres and youth fashion sense, and has inspired a generation of young people.. We’ve gathered some of the most stylish Korean hairstyles that you can pull off at any time, whether you prefer a simple look or one that makes you stand out!

We all know the Bangtan Boys for their songs and outstanding stage presence, but each member of the group needs to get a modeling contract as soon as possible because there isn’t a look they can’t pull off. BTS hairstyles without bangs become very popular due to their unique styles.

I’m not sure how it’s humanly possible, but BTS can look beautiful in any clothing trend, hairstyle, or hair color. But I believe they are aware of this because the boys switch up their looks practically as frequently as they release new music (and they put out a lot of music). BTS members have innovated a variety of hairstyles throughout the years, but these are some of their most memorable.

The Unforgettable BTS Hairstyles Names

Over the years, BTS has had numerous memorable hairstyles, named BTS Hairstyles.

BTS is known for its colorful hair and often changing styles, but there are a few outstanding looks, like RM’s gangster cut and Suga’s braids from 2014. Take a look at some of the lads’ most memorable haircuts since their debut.

  • RM’s debut mohawk
  •  Jungkook’s side-swept bangs
  • Suga’s braids
  • Jungkook’s cherry hair with full bangs
  • RM’s short blue undercut
  • Suga’s mint hair
  • J-Hope’s red bangs
  • Jin’s pink side part
  • V’s green highlights with full bangs
  • RM’s white undercut
  • Jimin’s carrot shade with full bangs
  • BTS V’s best hairstyles, Jungkook and V’s apple hair
  • V’s Bright Blue Cotton Ice Cream Candy Hair
  •  Bonus: Ceci’s photoshoot that had them all “epic” ly styled!

The Trend Of BTS Hairstyles Through The Years

Throughout the years, BTSs latest hairstyles have evolved into a very unique and latest hairstyles trend.

Most of the members had dark hair with heavy black eyeliner and edgy punk/hip-hop clothes throughout their debut year. This outfit, which they wore during their debut album’s promotional activities, became emblematic of their identity as a band that “blocks out preconceptions, critiques, and expectations that shoot like bullets at teenagers,” thus their Korean name, ‘BangtanSonyeondan,’ or Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

As the band became older and more advanced, they began to experiment with new themes for their subsequent releases. They switched their clothes and quick BTS hairstyles while effortlessly leaping from one genre to the next—from hip hop to pop, R&B, ballads, and EDM, to mention a few—and they did so while flawlessly bouncing from one genre to the next!

Haircuts By BTS (Bangtan Boys) (Hairstyles)

Here are some specifics about BTS haircuts as well as other classic hairstyles. Korea and Japan, for example, are on the cutting edge of innovative haircuts and fantastic fashion. Take a look at these greatest hairstyles, which range from distinctive and crazy to Korean Pop Trendy, if you want your hair to be “on point,” as they say these days. Every BTS fan adores their haircuts and impeccable sense of style.

Bleached Korean Flow By Jimin

Do you consider yourself to be a daredevil? Then you should give this bold bleached hairdo a try. The lighter blonde hue will draw attention to your eyes, while the layered texture adds depth and volume. With this look, there’s no doubt you’ll stand out.

BTS Hairstyles

Jin’s Hair on the Curtain

Parting a conventional bowl cut in two and framing your face is one technique to make it appear more interesting. This curtain design is effortlessly elegant and flattering on most facial forms.

BTS Hairstyles

The Wet Look of G-Dragon

You may attempt this look if you want to try a style that will make your dark hair stand out. The longer, more angular fringe that covers the forehead and eyes is quite edgy. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of suspense?

BTS Hairstyles

Undercut And Side-Swept Top by BM

It is one of the best hairstyles and boys love BTS hairstyles.

With your straight hair, you may experiment with a blow dryer to achieve a voluminous side-swept look. From varied perspectives, the contrast between the long top and short undercut creates a different appeal.

BTS Hairstyles

Wavy Curtain Bangs by Taehyung (V)

It is also a quick hairstyle with long hair.

This hairstyle may need you to grow your hair longer. Jin’s straight curtain hair looks similar, but with a little more “oomph.” It will draw emphasis to the soft wavy textured hair with some highlights, leaving you appearing bold and dashing.

BTS Hairstyles

BTS’s Fan Are Based On Their Distinct Haircuts

In Asian men’s hairstyles, BTS are the most famous hairstyles.

BTS is better recognized for its fashion and appearance than for its music. BTS has become synonymous with “fashion.” BTS members are all setting huge fashion objectives for their followers. Fans frequently strive to replicate their BTS heroes’ appearances, clothes, apparel, and hairstyles, among other things, and BTS dope hairstyles are also a very unique trendsetter in history.

Jungkook is one of BTS’s most well-known fashion idols. He is the youngest member of the boy band and has a sizable fan base. He is a singer and composer who debuted with BTS at the age of 15 in 2013. He has a really pleasant and entertaining personality. He’s also shown up in front of the camera with a variety of short haircuts. Taehyung V without bangs is also one of the best hairstyles.

In BTS, Who Has The Greatest Hairstyle?

BTS members have gone through a variety of haircuts throughout the years, but these are some of their most memorable.

1 Jin’s Purple Hair is the number one BTS hairstyle and the best hairstyle for Asian boys.

2 RM’s Mohawk is on the top 2nd on the list.

3 Jimin’s Coral Hair is on the top 3rd on the list.

4 V’s Teal Hair is the best 4th hairstyle in BTS hairstyles.

6 Suga’s Mint Hair is the 5th most beautiful hairstyle.

7 RM’s Platinum Blonde Hair is 7th on the list.

8 V’s Two-Toned Look is the best 8th hairstyle in the BTS journey.

9 Jimin’s Purple Pink Hair is the 9th best hairstyle among BTS boys.

The Worst Hairstyle of The Every BTS Member

With their haircuts, BTS members have a lot of successes and misses. It is one of the worst BTS hairstyles for RM. Especially RM, who in his debut period was open to trying out different perm hairstyles like the afro undercut, buzz cuts, and the icy blue undercut. While virtually all of them have dyed their hair in almost every color imaginable. Certain appearances don’t fit their personality.

BTS, on the other hand, became famous for its musical style as well as its fashion sense and BTS hairstyle concepts.

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