11 Crochet Hairstyles For Round Faces That Are Trendy & Cute!

Any hairstyle looks cute with a round face. But the crochet hairstyles for round faces look trendy and cut. A crochet hairstyle is created with crochet braids.

It is a special method of braiding through which you can add extensions to the hair. People can wear crochet hair straight, twisted, braided, or curly. It is up to their choice. And if you make proper braids then the crochet hairstyle can last up to eight weeks.

Now the question is how will you know whether you have a round face or not? Following are some ways through which you can analyze the shape of your face.

  • Your facial features have no sharp angles and are soft
  • You have a rounded chin
  • The width and length of your face have almost the same size
  • The widest part of your face is your cheekbones

If you have all these features then your face is round. Now let’s move to the best crochet hairstyle that you can have for the round face. So without any further due, shall we start the discussion?

What Are The Best Crochet Hairstyles For Round Faces?

There are many ways to make crochet hair. But here we tell you the best styles that look cute on the round faces. So have a look at the Crochet hairstyles for round faces.

1- Voluminous Curls Crochet Hairstyle For Round Faces

To add volume to your hair make sure to cut your hair in layers. Because it will give natural volume to your hair. Also, the soft curls make it easy for you to carry this style for a long time.

Moreover, do not tie your hair as it will steal the volume that you want in the hair. Keep them open and apply a serum that locks the crochet for a long time. Also, open hair will look cute on a round face. Crochet hairstyles for round faces

2- Shoulder Length Crochet Goddess Locs

To add shape and texture to your round face, you can try the gorgeous faux locs. The reason for selecting faux locs is that they sweep the shoulder.

Moreover, they help to add some extra oomph to the medium-length crochet faux locs. So give this hairstyle a try. Crochet hairstyles for round faces

3- Short Braided Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob always looks cute on the round face. But if you add braids to this style. Then it will increase the charm of this hairstyle for double chins.

Because the asymmetrical braided bob will narrow a wider face as the hair is at an angle. So if you have a bubbly round face you can try this asymmetrical bob style to narrow your face. Crochet hairstyles for round faces

4- Goddess Locs Bob

Bob faux locs are one of the best hairstyles for the round face. Because they balance out the upper part of the face and make it narrow. In simple words, your face will look thinner if you follow this hairstyle. Therefore if you want to hide your wide face you should give this hairstyle a try.Crochet hairstyles for round faces

5- Crocheted Soft Curls

In this hairstyle, the main heroes are the soft curls and choppy layers. Because in the crocheted soft curls, the hair is below the shoulder. Moreover, it helps to elongate round-shaped faces. Therefore, women with round faces must try this hairstyle and elongate their face shapes.Crochet hairstyles for round faces

6- Beach Wave Faux Locs

The noticeable feature of the beach wave faux locs is that you can wear them in any form. Like you can wear them straight, wavy, curly, or have any style that you want. Therefore, these faux locs look amazing on the round faces. Moreover, the waves in the hair add dimension to the look.Crochet hairstyles for round faces

7- Crochet Asymmetric Faux Locs Bob

When you add the asymmetric cut to your crochet faux locs then it becomes the Crochet Asymmetric faux locs bob. Crochet hairstyles for round faces

8- Long Messy Crochet Faux Locs

For round faces, it is necessary to take care of little things when they open their hair. The first thing that they should notice is that their hair is not super sleek. Because it can emphasize a round face shape. Therefore, these long faux locs help you to define and highlight the face. As the faux locs have a cool shape and texture.Crochet hairstyles for round faces

9- Pineapple Passion Twist

This is a simple crochet hairstyle. Because here you make a ponytail of your crotch hair. This is a versatile style as it helps in slimming the face. Crochet hairstyles for round faces

10- High Top Curls

With short hair, you can also elongate the face. However, the key in this hairstyle is that you can go up with the hair and not out.

Also, with short crochet hairstyles, you should focus on adding volume to the top. Because by adding volume to the top your face will get a great shape.

Crochet hairstyles for round faces

11- Waist-length Crochet Faux Locs

If you love your hair and want a protective nice crochet hairstyle for a vacation. Then waist-length crochet faux locs are the best option for you. Therefore, your hair will remain safe.This Picture is About Waist-length Crochet Faux Locs hairstyles


Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s all viewers, these are the best Crochet hairstyles for round faces that you should try if you have a round face. All these styles are easy to carry and maintain for a long time.

In addition, your hair will remain safe and you can easily style them. So what are you waiting for? Select any style from the above list and enhance your appearance.

Moreover, here are some super easy steps that help you select the right Korean hairstyle.

  • Avoid super sleek hairstyles that have no shape because this can add emphasis to your round face
  • It is a good idea to go up and then out. Select crochet hairstyles that add volume to the top and not just on the sides. Because the volume on the sides only can make your face wider
  • Avoid straight bangs and select the bangs cut at an angle or that swept to the side

If you follow these steps you will get the crochet hairstyles for round faces according to your face.

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