Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair – Easy New Hairstyles

Let’s talk about curtain bangs. If you’ve been reading this you likely have been inspired to just cut your hair and turn it into curtain bangs to really frame your pretty face. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or even curly hair, curtain bangs just won’t fall out of style and really accentuate your facial features. Curtain bangs are a fun way to change your look.

Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair work best when cut about one inch below the chin and about 2 inches in length, depending on the width of your face. You don’t want the bangs to stick out at the sides because when you get them out your face will look beautiful. So, you want to get them just right in the middle, right above your cheekbones, but not too low there. If your jaw is strong enough and your chin is wide enough you can actually pull them down past your hairline. This is called a “top-heavy” bang.

Some Hottest Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair In 2022 

Curtain bangs, also known as braid bangs, straight hair bangs, or curly bangs are a great way to add some flair and volume to your straight, short, or curly hair. Adding volume to your straight hair is easy when you have the right products. The right choice of product will determine the length of your bangs. Longer bangs look more dramatic when they are piled up with shorter curls.

Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair is one of the hottest trends in hair styling. There are a lot of us who have tried using it but have failed to give it a chance. You can’t blame those who have not tried this new style; they just don’t know how great it looks. The reason why most people haven’t tried Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair yet is that most of them thought it would only work on their long hair. As you read below, you will learn that this short hairstyle can also add an extra something to your ordinary hairstyle.

1- Curtains Bang With Straight Hair 

Curtain bangs are also very versatile. If you are short-haired you can pull them off with a straight hairstyle and straight bangs. If you have wavy hair you can pull off the wavy look beautifully with a curly bob or a loose pixie style.

Both of these look beautiful and perfect for summer and you will never have to worry about frizz. Even if you do not have wavy hair, you can pull off this look, because the same principles apply to any type of hair.

curtain bangs for straight hair

2- Standard Braid Curtain Bangs 

There are many different styles of bangs to consider. The most basic is the standard braid, but other styles include variations like the French twist or the lazy Susan. These styles add some sophistication to your hair, and also make it easier to control your own volume.

You can add height to your curls as well. Curtain bangs are easy to handle and take care of. They give natural beauty and volume to any type of haircut and also last very long.

curtain bangs for straight hair

3- Wispy Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair

There are also many different textures that you can choose from when you are getting wispy curtain bangs for straight hair. Some people like to get their bangs with a wispy texture, and then just tuck in the rest of their hair to create a medium-length wave.

Others want to keep their bangs very natural and just add waves to the front to create a more romantic, flirty, or fun look. Whichever texture you prefer, it will look great with your straight hair.

curtain bangs for straight hair

4- Try side part hairstyle

One option for those with thick straight hair is a side part. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is simple to create but can become a chic look over time. A side part starts by combing your hair to one side and then putting a small amount of hair spray on the back of your buns and lightly pinning them together.

You can comb the hair from the center but you can also section off the sides depending on how long or short you would like the front portion to be. Then you simply take your normal bun hair bun and add some volume to it at the back with a side part.

curtain bangs for straight hair

5- How To Style Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair?

You may be wondering why this bang style is different from the others. The answer lies in the texture of the hair. Curtain bangs give the face and scalp a more textured look. As we all know, texture makes a difference.

If you have thin hair, it will make your bangs longer and thicker. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, then this style will have the opposite effect on your hair.

curtain bangs for straight hair

6- Start By Using A Good Quality Hair Gel 

If you are going to try this hairstyle, it is advisable to start by using a good-quality hair gel with the right texture. Try to find a product that can match your hair texture and cuticle. Do a test run first by putting just a little amount on your palm.

Apply the product on your bangs and let it stand for some time before taking it off. If you want to see how the product will work, do this same test on the other parts of your hair; on the sides, back, and front of your head.

curtain bangs for straight hair

7- Applying Some Serum On The Wispy Part Of The Curtain Fringe

You can also try Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair using a small brush and applying some serum on the wispy part of the curtain fringe. Let the solution stay in the wispy area for a few minutes before removing it. Once you are done, you can easily see the result of your straight hair.

You should not be surprised if there is a slight bit of shrinkage on the center part of your hair after doing this technique. This is because the majority of the product was actually absorbed by the wispy area. For best results, do this on a weekly basis.

curtain bangs for straight hair

8- Include A Small Amount Of Hair Spray Or Pomade

If you have wavy or curly hair, the best bang options are those that include a small amount of hair spray or pomade. The small amount of pomade or spray will create an illusion of depth while the bang stays perfectly straight.

Some women like the idea of having a little bit of both the hair spray and pomade show through the bangs so all they have is the straight line. Pomade and hair spray is available at most beauty supply stores and should not be too expensive.

curtain bangs for straight hair


Curtain bangs for straight hair can change your overall style. These easy and simple hairstyles are great for everyday and even more special occasions like weddings or prom nights. When you have one of these hairstyles, you are definitely taking your personality to the next level and making your hair more unique and glamorous.

With any type of hairstyle, it’s important to remember that there is always a small amount of pomade or oil required to achieve the perfect look. Most hairstylists advise that you only use a small amount and that it is best left to the professionals. If you’re unsure, ask one of the professionals at your local beauty salon for more information. Although most bangs are created for thin and straight hair types, it’s still a good idea to speak to someone about your hair type before committing to a pomade or oil job that you may regret later.

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