14 Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2022

To dye the color you only need the best dark auburn hair color ideas. Because they add texture to the hair and give them a dimension.

People usually get confused while selecting the right hair color as there are many options.

But in this article, we will only discuss the right ideas that genuinely help you. So let’s dive into the discussion.

What are the Best Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas in 2022?

Here is the list of best dark auburn hair color ideas that are easy to maintain. So have a look.

1- Curly Dark Auburn Hair Color with Lowlights

The dark auburn hair color with lowlights adds life to the hair. This shade works well with curly hair as they give the right dimension to hair. Due to deep red and neutral tones this shade suits women with a darker complexion. Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

2- Auburn Hair Color for Dark Complexion

The natural auburn hair color can be modified easily to match a specific skin tone. You can select the cherry, burgundy, and dark auburn hues to highlight the hair. This is because all these colors work well with the dark complexion. They will give your skin tone a complement. So try this shade to enhance your appearance.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

3- Dark Purple-Based Burgundy Auburn Hair

To add fun to your hair try the dark purple-based burgundy auburn shade. It adds shine to your hair and makes them vibrant as the deep wine tones absorb the external light. To get the dark auburn merlot shade you can ask your stylist to add the violet and red tones to your hair.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

4- Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights

To spice the normal brown hair you can add the auburn highlights to them. The auburn hair exposes the warm tones that give hair a natural look. You can also select the balayage highlights with the warm brown copper hair toner to update your hair look. In addition, to show off your highlights you can add waves to your hair or make them curly.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

5- Dark Brown Auburn Raspberry Hair

This red shade is bold but looks sweet at the same time. Women that have naturally brown hair can try the raspberry shade. It looks best on wavy hair and adds texture to them. To get a soft hair look you must try this dark brown auburn shade. Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

6- Dark Auburn Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

For textured hair the combination of orange and reddish-brown color is perfect. This is because both the colors complement each other. Dark auburn is a versatile color. That’s why you can use it with the deep orange-red auburn too. This color shade is best for ladies who love to experiment with their hair.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

7- Dark Auburn with Honey Highlights

To add shine to the hair you can use dark auburn with honey shade to highlight the hair. When you highlight your hair you can easily switch from the light hair color to the dark hair color. For some women, honey highlights may look dark. Therefore they should consider auburn hair with blonde highlights.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

8- Medium-Length with Dark Ginger and Auburn

To create a fuller-looking hairstyle you can try the dark ginger and auburn shade. It suits women who have hair till the collarbone as it helps the thin and fine tresses. The mixture of auburn and ginger looks natural on women that have pale and fair skin tones.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

9- Deep Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

To give tresses a luscious look you can try the deep auburn hair color. This shade works best with the fair complexion as the auburn hue gives an edgy look. You can try the deep auburn shade on different haircuts. Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

10- Dark Auburn with Blonde Highlights

The blonde highlights on the dark auburn create a hot look. This style is a combination of warm blonde hues and deep red. The color adds texture and dimension to all haircuts. These blonde highlights work with all complexion if applied to dark hair. Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

11- Dark Bronze Auburn

The dark bronze auburn shade gives a natural look. Therefore you can try any styling on the hair. It provides a fresh look to the hair, therefore, it is best for women who want to stay up to date. To add the shine you can use the dry oil spray. In addition, use a smooth balm and serum to style your hair.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

12- Dark Auburn Balayage

The auburn balayage with dark shade looks dazzling. You can give dimension to your hair with soft waves. The vibrant copper shade works well with the hair and creates a luscious and rich deep auburn orange hair. The best thing about copper shade is that it adds texture to the hair and creates shine on the hair surface.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

13- Dark Reddish Brown Auburn Hair

The women who want to add a bold look to their personality can try this dark reddish-brown shade. You can style your hair with curls to show off the hair shade. The best thing about this dark shade is that anyone can carry this style easily. Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

14- Dark Chestnut and Auburn

To flaunt your natural brunette tresses you can try the chestnut brown auburn hair color. This shade will spice up your natural black hair and if you have long hair then you can shine more. To enhance the hair dimension you can add curls to the hair. The best thing about this shade is that it flaunts the makeup look so give it a try.Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas


Try the best Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas as they give a natural look and shine to the hair. To save time select the right shades from the above list according to your skin complexion and haircut.

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