8 Ideas of French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles to Try in 2022

The women who want to cut their hair short bob haircuts are the best option. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the best ideas for french bob haircuts and dutch bob hairstyles to try in 2022.

We know that a bob cut never goes out of fashion. Because it can be styled in multiple varieties and by changing the hairstyles you can enhance your overall physical appearance.

Therefore women prefer the bob haircut instead of other haircuts. But they sometimes really get confused about what short bob haircut they should select to groom their look.

That’s why, to clear their confusion, in this article, we have compiled some best bob haircuts and hairstyles that you can easily try. So without any further due, let’s start the discussion.

What Are The Best Ideas for French Bob Haircuts And Dutch Bob Hairstyles?

There are many ideas of french bob haircuts and dutch bob hairstyles that people do not know about. Therefore, here we have made a list of the best hairstyles so that women do not have to waste most of their time searching.

Have a look at the following list of French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles if you are looking for the best bob haircuts and styles.

1. French Bob

French bob is the first choice of women who love short hair. Moreover, it is the most searched haircut of 2021. Also, we do not think that women will get over this hairstyle anytime soon.

Because a French bob is typically shorter than the typical chin-length bob. It comes with a wedge look therefore it looks so stylish. But the best part of the french bob is that you can vary its length according to your requirement.

So when you are getting a french bob cut, explain to your stylist whether you want the cheeks length, chin-length, or jawline length.

Moreover, you should take photos of french bob with you when you go to the stylist for a haircut. To make sure you get the expected haircut results.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

2. One-Length Bob

The other best bob style on this list is the one-length bob. It is a sober style as you will look cute in this style once you try it. In this style, divide your hair into two parts and give an equal length cut to each side.

In a one-length bob, the hair remains up to the shoulder and has a wavy look in them. There is only one wave that makes this hairstyle stylish. And you can go to parties.

Moreover, if you do not like the wave you can follow any style you want. But make sure the style you select must suit the texture of your hair.

French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

3. Rounded Bob

The third style in this list is the rounded bob. This is the easiest haircut as to do it you do not need to go to your stylist. You can cut your hair yourself. To get this style done, cut your hair to the shoulder and make sure the length of both sides is equal.

That’s it, you are done. To give a stylish look to this hairstyle you can curl the ends on both sides. Do not over-curl the ends. Just use the straightener to wrap the hair ends and move the straightener only one time. It will give a nice curly touch to the lower hair.
If you have silky hair then you do not need to use the gel. But if your hair is rough. Then use only a little amount of gel on the hair and spread equally.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

4. Cropped Bob: Best Ideas Of French Bob Haircuts And Dutch Bob Hairstyles

The cropped bob is easy to maintain and style. Because hair in this style is really short as its length is up to the ears. You can just put them back behind your ears. Therefore, if you do not have time to style your cropped bob hair

Then just brush them thoroughly and apply. some gel or setting spray to set them. Take a little portion of your hair and pin them back behind the ear and you are ready to go. If you do not want to pin up the hair then it’s okay just leave them open.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles.

5. Drama Bob

The drama bob is just the classic bob cut with some waves. It is named the drama bob because it gives vintage looks. Also, it pulls attention towards the face and enhances the appearance of facial features.

Therefore, if you want to give a magical touch to your regular bob cut. Then try this drama style and look sassy.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

6. Layered Bob 

Layers also work well with the bob haircuts. Also, if you have thin hair you can give them volume by having layers. Therefore, it is the first choice of many women that want to enhance the volume of their hair naturally.

It also takes some weight out of your head and you can easily rock with the light hair. The best thing about layered bob cut is that it is easy to maintain and you can carry it for a long time.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

7. Classic lob

If you find your bob haircut too short then dip your toes into a chop with a collarbone-length lob. Moreover, if you add bangs to the style you will look sassy. So I must give this style a try.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

8. Shaggy Lob

Shaggy lob is becoming everyone’s favorite as most people go for this haircut in 2022. According to your hair texture, you can give your hair a shaggy lob cut.

You can wear this cut with both messy and straight hair. It means this style needs minimum maintenance. So try this and groom your appearance.French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles

Wrapping It All Up!!!

All the hairstyles that we mention in this article 8 Ideas of French Bob Haircuts and Dutch Bob Hairstyles to Try in 2022 are easy to maintain and carry. So if you are looking forward to getting a short haircut for plus size. You can select any of the hairstyles from this style.

We assure you that you will love the results. Also, you will see a nice touch to your appearance. And within a short time, you will get ready for all the events with these bob cuts. So what stops you from trying these french bob haircuts?

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