10+ Unique Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed at Work

For those with longer hair, consider having your haircut just past your earlobe. This will make your hair look shorter, and give you a clean line when you wear your hair down. If you have short hair, consider cutting your hair slightly above your earlobe to add some height. This will make your hair look slimmer and more defined.

If you don’t have very much longer to work with, there are several different Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed. The easiest way to disguise bushy hair is to simply tie it up with stylish hair bands or box braids. Many women find this easy and hassle-free method of cutting their hair, which makes it great. Another option is to shave the majority of the hair off. This does a great job of hiding excessive growth and avoiding a cluttered look. Those who don’t like their hair getting in their face will love this option.

Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

If you have short hair, you can draw attention to your face and your unique features with fun and creative hairstyles that will get you noticed. One of the best looks with short hair is a cute up-do. If you have a lot of body hair or a lot of facial hair, this look is also very captivating because it draws eyes away from your face. This look can be easy to pull off, depending on how you wear your hair. It can go from day to night easily if you just change your shampoo and comb frequently. 

1- Layers 

Layers are always a great option for those with long hair. You can pull back one layer, then add layers until you are left with a clean and sleek look. If you want something with a little more staying power, you can add a few accessories to make it stand out and look healthy. You may not have realized it, but layers can really change your overall look. Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

2- A messy bun

If you are someone with short hair, you can pull your hair up into a messy bun or a cute top to give it a more defined look. This is a great way to hide a few unruly strands so you look like you have great hair all around. For those with longer hair, this is a great way to cover up those heavy layers. If you have naturally curly hair, a side part to the hair is a great option. This adds depth to the style while adding some volume to the hair.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

3- A high ponytail

When it comes to women with thick hair, they can pull their hair up into a high ponytail for a more edgy look. This is also a popular option for women who are trying to hide unruly curls. It will make their hair look more defined and sleek. Thick long hair is also very popular for wearing as a wrap, which is perfect for those sunny days when you just want to kick back and relax.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

4- Use different accessories to pull the style off

You can use many different accessories to pull the style off. Hats are a great option for those sunny days when you just don’t want to be caught wearing a scarf. Whether you choose a classic hat or a fun hat with a color, you will instantly update your look. You might also consider getting some jewelry to match your hairstyle. Many women find that a small piece of jewelry goes great with the look they have created. No matter what kind of jewelry you choose, you will be surprised by how easy it is to put the right accessories on.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

5- The ponytail

The shortest style on this list is the ponytail. This is a great option if you have short hair. You can easily pull off the ponytail look with almost any length of hair and any style. Because of its simplicity, it can be worn day and night for a versatile look. You can even wear your ponytail to work in the morning without worrying about how it will look with the corporate office hair policies.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

6- Down Your Hair And Tie up into Bun

If you have longer hair, you can still create a simple and sophisticated look. You will want to try out the ponytail, but you can also try out a messy look. Both styles are easy to do, but the messy look can be quite difficult to maintain. You will have to use products to keep the look fresh and vibrant. You can create a messy look by wearing your hair down and then tying it up into a bun on top of your head.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

7- A sleek up-do

For women with short hair, the easiest style to pull off is a sleek up-do. With this style, you will want to wear your hair pulled back in a smooth, low bun or a ponytail. You will then add some color by tying your hair back into a messy bun or ponytail. The color you choose to wear with your short hair should compliment your skin tone as much as possible. If you have dark skin, you can wear black or brown hair and if you have light skin, you can wear blonde or green hair colors.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

8- Aside bun

Another great look for long hair is a side bun. This look is simple but adds a lot of texture and bounce to your hair. To achieve the look, you will want to use gel products to give your hair texture. After applying the products, simply roll the gel product from side to side and brush your hair from top to bottom, framing your hair in a sleek up-do. This will make your hair appear to be longer and thicker.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

9- Use French twist

Women with long and medium hair will find that there are many different styles to choose from. Since the front of hair tends to look shorter in the winter months, you will want to find ways to keep your hair long enough to be noticeable during the warmer months. One option is to use a French twist, which is a simple style that looks fantastic on long hair. You can add texture with curling ribbons or a few different types of hairdos.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

10- Add a small piece of fringe with an open hairstyle 

For most women, their hair can be either very short or long, but it is always better to match your hairstyle to your overall appearance. If you have long hair, then a great hairstyle for you is to wear your hair up, like you did when you were younger. You could also add a small piece of fringe, if you would like to bring some height to your hairstyle, and sweep or part your hair in a style that matches your neckline.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

11- A shorter style is very versatile

You can easily pull off a longer hairstyle with some volume added with some hairpieces. This is also a great option for those who have a lot of hair that is curly or frizzy. You can add some height with this length of hair and still have a lot of lengths to play around with. One of the best ways to make your hair look put together is to add some volume to it using accessories. These can include a wide-brimmed hat, side bun, or even a ponytail, which is very easy to pull off.Hairstyles That Will Get You Noticed

To Sum Up! 

No matter what type of hair you have, you can find the perfect hairstyles that will get you noticed to compliment your unique features. Your hairstyle says something about you, so make sure you choose a style that fits you and will get you noticed. Once you have found the best style, you can even experiment with short cuts and medium cuts to add even more dimension to your hair. With so many great-looking hairstyles for girls, there is no reason why you should not wear your hair to the office every day.

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