Guide To Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cuts – How To Do?

Havanese is a famous dog breed and they have long hair. Therefore they need haircuts to stay relaxed. In this article, we will discuss Havanese haircuts teddy bear cut vs puppy cuts.

Because these are famous hairstyles for Havanese. If you have a Havanese dog then you will know about these two types. But if you are planning to have a Havanese dog then this article is for you.

Here we will not only discuss these two hairstyles but also tell you how you can cut each style. So that you do not have to go to the dog’s doctor to cut his hair. We will only tell you the efficient ways. So that you do not have to work hard to groom your doggy.

So without any further due, let’s start the discussion about Havanese haircuts teddy bear cut vs puppy cuts.

What Is The Teddy Bear Cut?

Havanese can groom in a variety of ways because they have long hair which you can cut in different styles. It is the national dog of Cuba. To keep their hair good you need to brush them regularly.

But nobody has time to do so. Therefore, it is better to cut them. You can try the teddy bear style to groom your Havanese. Indeed, while you cut the hair you will listen to the voices like oohing and aahing.

Because dogs produce that sound during a haircut. To do the teddy bear cut, the hair on the face and the legs is usually left longer. So that your dog looked puffed and rounded.

The bear cut is the alternative to the puppy cut. Therefore, to maintain the hair you need fewer visits to the vet. So let’s have a look at how you can do this style to your Havanese.

Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut

How To Do The Teddy Bear Cut?

Here are some easy caring steps through which you can give your Havanese a bear cut. So have a look

  • Brush your Havanese well. So that no tangles are left. You can even use the shampoo and condition to clean the coat. But make sure you blow-dry it. Because you can not cut the hair when they are wet. Also, do not wash the puppy before you see him. Because in this way his hair will not fall.
  • Use high-quality clippers to clip the neck and back
  • Now clip the dog’s legs, chest, and the rest of the body
  • To get the perfect teddy bear cut, use scissors to beat up the dog’s coat. But make sure you do not hurt your Havanese or make a dent
  • Ears can be a difficult part to get right in the beginning. Therefore take extra time to do the ears
  • Now cut the hair on the head in a round shape. To do the perfect round shape you need some practice so do it carefully. The more you cut your Havanese hair the more expert you will become
  • Use a slicker brush to fluff up your dog’s coat. You can apply any deodorant or perfume that you want and your Havanese is ready with a teddy bear look.

What Is The Puppy Cut?

The Havanese puppy cut is so easy to do like the buzz cut. But this cut is a little bit longer. Therefore if you do this haircut your Havanese will look like a cute puppy. No matter how old your Havanese is.

This is the most famous hairstyle because almost all dog owners select this hairstyle for their puppies and dogs. By using the pair of clippers you can easily cut the puppy style.

In this style, you simply trim your dog’s hair and leave it roughly 2 inches long all over his body. If you use a quality pair of clippers you can easily keep the hair length of your puppy the same and maintain consistency.

The puppy cut is the most famous cutting style for Havanese dogs. Because it is easy to maintain and you do not have to take care of the Havanese hair to keep them untied.

Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut

How To Do The Puppy Cut?

Here are some easy steps to do the puppy cut. So follow them and make your work easy.

  • Gather all the supplies that you need during cutting
  • Select a good location where you want to give your Havanese a puppy cut
  • Brush the hair of your Havanese well and give him a good bathe
  • Pick up the right blade length to cut the fur of your Havanese
  • Hold your dog if he does not like the haircuts
  • Now start clipping the Havanese coat
  • If you notice the clipper bun stop the clipping right at that time
  • Use the longer blade on your Havanese head
  • Use the blade carefully in the sensitive areas
  • Give some time to paws, tail, and ears because they need the detailed work
  • Go over your Havanese coat again and you are done

Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut: Which One Is Better?

The purpose of both haircuts is to make your Havanese look cute. Therefore, both hairstyles are better(Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut). You can try both the hairstyles on your Havanese and see the difference. I like the puppy cut because it makes the Havanese look like a puppy no matter what his age.

Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut: Which Haircut Is Easy To Do?

Both the cuts look similar and make the Havanese look cute. But the puppy cut is simpler to do. Because here you do not have to cut the head hair in the round shape or do the ear.

You can roughly use the blade on the Havanese’s coat and you will be done. So if you want to give your Havanese a haircut by yourself for the first time then go for the puppy cut.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s all folks, these are the famous haircuts for Havanese. You can select both styles for your Havanese because he will look cute in both. If you want to see which style will suit your dog then try the puppy cut first. Then if you like it, continue to do it. Otherwise, you can go for the Havanese Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut Vs Puppy Cut and decide which style looks better on your Havanese.

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