10 Hottest Long Ombre Hair Ideas and Hairstyles Blowing Up in 2022

Ombre is the latest technique of dying hair. You need the best long ombre hair ideas to style the hair.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the best ideas to make it easy for you to select the right shade. So let’s start the discussion.

What are the Best Long Ombre Hair Ideas To Try in 2022?

Following is the list of best ombre hair ideas that you should try in 2022. Have a look.

1- Black To Silver Best Long Ombre Hair Ideas

The black to silver ombre looks graceful on the best long hair. It creates the look of the fifty shades of grey that enhance the appearance.

This grey ombre color is the trendy shade of 2022. It is a cool shade therefore it is easy to style. Also, it needs low maintenance. So give it a try.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

2- Long Ombre Dark Chocolate to Deep Auburn

In this shade, you will have the natural-looking dark chocolate brown ombre at the roots that transition into the deep auburn at the tips.

This style suits women with warm medium skin tones. This dark natural chocolate brown color creates a brown and medium texture. To enhance the appearance it is important to trim the hair once you are done getting ombre. Ask your stylist for the right shades according to your hair type.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

3- Long Espresso Brown to Light Brown Ombre Hair

This ombre shade looks natural on the hair. The color is brown at the roots and transitions to light brown at the tips.

It suits the women with a medium skin tone and creates a medium texture. It is a low maintenance style therefore you can keep it vibrant for a long time.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

4- Brunette to Light Blonde Ombre

This ombre style starts with the lighter brown roots and slowly transitions into a lighter blonde around the eye area. By using this shade you can highlight the features of your face.

It looks best with the lighter complexion of women that have naturally light brown hair. The light blonde ombre enhances the texture of the hair that is ideal to achieve.

If you want to try the high contrast ombre then keep your roots lighter than the eyebrows. In this way, you do not have to change the eyebrow color.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

5- Long Black Roots to Deep Red Ombre Hair

Deep red ombre is the other best hair color to try in 2022. It starts with the black roots and transitions into bright red.

It is suitable for the cool medium skin tones that have naturally black hair. It helps to keep the texture medium which is ideal to achieve.

The best part of this ombre shade is that it needs low maintenance. Therefore, there is no need for frequent visits to the saloon.

So if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle then you can try this brunette to light blonde ombre shade.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

6- Long Chocolate Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

Here you will have a medium brown hair color of a few inches. Then this color will blend into the warm tone of dark blonde.

This shade suits the women with a natural medium brown texture. In addition, it gives the brown to medium texture to the hair that is ideal to achieve.

This is a low maintenance style therefore you can keep the colors vibrant for a long time without the frequent salon visits.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

7- Black to Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair Colors

In this shade, the roots have the black ombre color and then it blends into the warm caramel blonde color.

The reason why women love this shade is that it creates a good color contrast in hair. This black to caramel shade quits the warm medium skin tones.

In addition, it gives a medium texture to the natural black hair. But to maintain the hair for a long time you need to use the right products with frequent salon visits.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

8- Long Light Brown to Cool Blonde Ombre Hair

The reason why most women go for the light brown to cool blonde ombre is that it looks very natural.

Here the roots have a cool light brown color which blends into the cool blonde with time. This cool color suits the lighter skin tones as it gives them a medium texture.

But you can not contrast multiple colors with the light brown ombre shade. However, it still gives up-to-date vibes.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

9- Middle Part Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair Color

As the name says in this style you will have dark brown color on the roots and the tips have the golden blonde color.

The reason is that the brown color on the roots melts into the golden color naturally. For this shade, warm medium skin tones are perfect.

Try this shade on the natural dark brown hair color to get the ideal texture. It is not necessary to curl the ombre shade hair. You can enhance the appearance with straight hair.Long Ombre Hair Ideas

10- Ash Brown to Ash Blonde Long Ombre Hair

In this style, the ombre hair color starts with the cool brown roots and blends into the neural blonde on the tips.

This shade is best for women with cool medium skin tones. It also gives ash brown and medium texture to the hair.

If you want to try the ombre style then do not change your natural hair color. By doing this you can maintain the color for a long time and you will not need to go to the saloons.Long Ombre Hair Ideas


Try these amazing Ombre Hair Ideas on long hair to enhance your appearance. All the shades that we have mentioned in this article are approved by professionals. So give them a try.

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