15 Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas – From Pastels to Neons

The hottest pink hair color ideas have the ruling women hurt due to the shine and texture that they add to hair.

If you are not a fan of pink hair color then you have come to the right article. Here will give you some best ideas that will change your mind about the color pink. So continue to read.

What are the Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas?

Following are the hottest pink hair color ideas that you can try. So have a look.

1- Two-Toned Pink

With a two-toned pink color, your hair will get a flirty and dashing finish. By selecting the rose and peach hair dyes you can get a seamless blend of tones. If you have a fair complexion you can give this color trend a try.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

2- Flamingo Pink

The flamingo pink shade gives a fun and exciting look to the personality. You can enhance your physical appearance by selecting red and pink tones. You should try this combination to style your locks or if you have waves.This Picture is about Flamingo Pink Hair color ideas

3- Cotton Candy Pink

You can try the cotton candy color on the beach waves. So that it gives texture and volume to the hair. This pink color shade is attractive and suits white complexion people.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

4- Pastel Pink Hair

The pastel pink color makes the appearance sharp. It is not too bright like other pink shades. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for women who want to do experiments with their hair. The important thing about the pastel purple shade is that it starts to fade with time. Due to this, the hair becomes blonde. Furthermore, you can use shampoo or conditioner to make your hair pastel pink.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

5- Icy Pink Hair

As compared to the other pink shades, icy pink shades are so popular. This is because it is easy to maintain even at home. You can maintain the icy shade by using hairspray, dry shampoo, or texture powder. You can use any one of these that is available easily.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

6- Dark to Bright Pink Ombre

This hair look is designed for bold women. You can ask your stylist about the different shades before getting the style done. This hair shade contains three different colors of pink. The roots of the hair have a dark pink color and the middle part of the hair has a bright pink color. While tips of hair have light pink color. If you have short hair you should try this dark to bright pink ombre.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

7- Barbie Pink

This pink shade is also known as millennial pink. It is a high maintenance color shade as you have to reduce shampooing. Also, you have to wash your hair with cold water. You can also have weekly Olaplex treatments to handle your hair. It is a flattering shade and looks best on all complexions. So give this pink shade a try if you can afford it.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

8- Faded Pink Ombre

It looks like a soft pastel ombre. In this look, there is a transition between the vibrant pink root and platinum pink ends.

This shade is best for people who want to turn their hair pink or just want a pink touch. If you have dark hair then first convert your hair to blonde. So that they can pick up the pink color.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

9- Dusty Pink Hair Color

The dusty pink color gives a dramatic look to hair. You can try this shade on a simple haircut to enhance your appearance.

To bleach your hair, use the Olaplex as it keeps the hair in a good condition. In addition, it saves and preserves the texture of the hair. You can keep this look for 8 to 9 weeks if you apply a hair mask and visit the salon frequently.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

10- Purple and Pink Galaxy Hair

Purple and pink shades are a trendy combination. They are suitable for bold women due to their look. You can add more colors to the pink and purple shades as they look good. You can try this pink shade no matter if you have long hair or short hair.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

11- Rose Quartz The Hottest Pink Hair Color Idea

This pink shade is edgy and easily wearable. It is a unique pink combination that suits white complexion people. The colors set into the roots easily and give a natural look. It makes hair vibrant and produces a good texture.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

12- Soft Pink Hue

This color faded out easily as compared to other colors. Therefore, you need to use the right products that help you to maintain the shade for a long time. You can use dry shampoo or a conditioner to keep the pink color. Furthermore, you can use heat and styling products to protect the shiny and healthy pink color.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

13- Pink Platinum

To make this shade two colors are used. One is a pale reddish hue while the other is a metallic tint. You can try this shade on straight hair with some bangs. It will make your hair look healthy and it is best for women who like vibrant shades.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

14- Pink Champagne

The pink champagne shade is included in the list of romantic hair colors. It gives your hair a playful impression. You can use the fuchsia shade to make the hair roots dark.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas

15- Watermelon Pink

If you want a cool pink shade for summer then try the watermelon pink shade. You should try this shade if you have layers or streaks. The watermelon pink shade will give a texture to the hair and you can style hair easily with any outfit.

Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas


If you are trying the Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas for the first time then select the light shade in the first session. If you like the results, switch to the darker shade.

The reason is the light shade will fade easily and you can change the color if you do not like the pink shade. For more precious information about Hottest Pink Hair Color Ideas, read the above guide.

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