Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces, According to Hair Experts

If you are looking for the latest trend in Korean hairdos, then you have come to the right place. As we all know, our hair grows unevenly and shapes from our heads; therefore, getting the ideal hairdo for round faces is not always an easy job. However, it is not impossible if you follow some basic steps. Read on to learn more about Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces.

Some Easy Korean Hairstyles For Round Faces

Today, we will learn some easy Korean hairstyles for round, oval, heart, and diamond face shapes. The first step is to determine the length of your hair. If you have long hair, you should use a simple up-do with side parting to maintain its balance. If you have short hair, use a simple down-do with a side parting to keep your bangs away from your forehead. It is better to do the hairstyle at home with a professional. Let’s jump to look at some easy Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces.

1- Try Weaves Hairs 

Some easy hairstyles for women with thick hair types are waves for the day, layers for the evening, and natural curls. You can create your own unique curls with a curling iron, hairdryer, and a good tip.

In the wave for the day, you can choose to have a longer wave or a short wave. In the layered look, you can add some waves at the end of the styling.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

2- Go with straight and sleek hairstyles.

Some Korean hairstyles are straight and sleek and will suit you very well. They are great for everyday use and will make you beautiful. You can choose from either short or long hair. With the short hairstyle, you can have waves on the front and a straight hairstyle. If you have long hair, you can create a simple ponytail. For an elegant look, you can also have kimono-like hairKorean Hairstyles for Round Faces

3- Try A textured haircut.

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces are textured and will give you a very nice look. You will be able to find different textured hairstyles for both men and women on the internet. A textured haircut will give you a unique look.

With the textured waves, you should start by brushing the hair to create a smooth edge. You can brush the hair in any direction and at an angle. You can continue reading and learn how to create a textured wave.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

4- Opt for a longer style with layers

If you have an oval, heart, or diamond face shape, you can find many options in hairstyles. You can create a hairstyle that is suitable for your face shape by finding the right cut and the right products. With an oval face shape, you should try to avoid hairstyles that are round and simple.

You should opt for a longer style with layers. In order to create diamond-shaped hair, you should choose a cut with a round heart shape and a few spikes in it.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

5- Opt for a side-swept hairstyle

With a heart Korean hairstyle, you should look for textured waves at the front and back of the hair. You can also opt for a side-swept hairstyle if you want to have a more romantic look.

With these simple Korean hairstyles, you can easily learn how to create a new look without spending too much time.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

6- Curl your hair using your fingers

If you are looking for some Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces, heart, round, diamond, or square faces, then the best option for you is to curl your hair using your fingers while ironing it. This is a simple process that can create a soft and bouncy look.

There are a lot of other options available for you to choose from if you have a different face shape. In this article, we will be discussing the different face shapes and some interesting ideas that you can try out.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

7- Textured waves and crimps

Those with a round face shape are very lucky because there are a lot of beautiful and funky ideas that they can try out. These include textured waves and crimps. If you have long hair, you can tie it into a bun and roll it up to create curls.

For those with an oval or heart-shaped face, you can also try creating different curls. Here, you can continue reading to learn how to create textured waves and curls.

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

8- Do not overdo it

Finally, do not overdo it. Many women, especially those who are new to Korean hairdos, tend to overdo it. They may think that they can style their hair as they please, but this is not a good idea. Overdoing the application of your hairdo may cause your hair to become dry and brittle.

In addition, it can also damage your hair, leaving it dry and unhealthy. The best thing to do is to apply your hairdos in layers so that your hair will not feel heavy.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

9- Use extensions

It is also a good idea to use extensions. This can add volume and bounce to your hair. It will also add thickness, which can make you appear much older. The best thing about this is that you will only need one clipper hair, making it easier to care for and style.Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

What Experts Say About Korean Hairstyles? 

When you are looking for the best Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces then you should consider what experts say about it. First of all, your hair should be as short as possible. This is because the shortest hair tends to frizz easily and even cause hair fall. Also, keep in mind that your hair should be straight and not wavy. This is because the curls will make your face look much rounder. Another thing is to use a product that protects your hair from the sun. Make sure to choose the right product because some of them may cause damage to your hair and skin.

  • Before styling your hair, you have to make sure that it is still moist. If you dry it out, it will cause your hair to break easily. Then, comb your hair carefully starting from the edge, and bring the layers closer to the center. It is important to comb the hair in a circular motion. You can also use a wide-toothed comb but just make sure that the teeth are in the middle of your hair.
  • Now, you have to use a moisturizing product. This is very important because using water in your hair can make it dry. You have to choose a product that will not contain chemicals so that it will not cause any bad effects on your hair. There are also products that are rich in protein that will protect your hair from being brittle. In addition, you can also use natural hair oil such as avocado to moisturize your hair.
  • After you have moisturized your hair, you can comb it. Make sure that you do not just go around the lump but also across the hair strands. In addition, if you are going to apply mousse, you should first wet your hair and then rub the mousse on your hair. This will give a glossy look that is also good for your hair.
  • Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces are perfect if you want to stand out in a crowd. They are simple yet chic. There are many ways that you can make them unique like using various colors of hair dye to create an interesting hairdo. You can also get extensions that will help you to add some more volume. These are only a few ideas that you can use to create your own unique hairdos.

To Sum Up!

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces according to hair experts have become very popular among women across the world. If you are planning to make an appearance at one of the most important events of your life, you surely want to look your best. This is especially true if the event is going to be a wedding or a special social gathering. In order to make you look your best, here are some unique and stylish ideas on how to apply this style. With these tips, you can have the best crochet hairstyles for round faces:

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