The Truth About Latest Viking Hairstyles For Men

Viking is the modern name for seafaring people from Scandinavia. These people from the late 8th to late 11th centuries pirated, raided, traded, and settled throughout different parts of Europe. The Vikings also voyaged as far as North Africa, the Mediterranean, North America, and the Middle East.

The Viking hairstyles were typically worn by Vikings as they journeyed to battle. Their hair would be braided or tied up loosely in a knot at the back of their heads, and then covered with a cap.

A Viking hairstyle is most often associated with men from Scandinavia during the Early Medieval period (approximately the 5th century AD to the 10th century). The style is often seen as a symbol of masculinity, strength, and bravery. The braids of Viking hairstyles are usually loose but may be tight in some cases. The hair may also be pulled back into a ponytail.

These people have different hairstyles from modern men’s hairstyles. But still, they look cool and have a strong appearance. Do you want to know what these Viking hairstyles are? Indeed, your answer will be yes, if you want to try something cool and funky.

So without wasting a single moment, let’s dive straight into the topic discussion.

Best Viking Hairstyles For Men

The Vikings are often depicted with long, flowing locks, braided hair, and that iconic horned helmet. But the truth is: Viking hairstyles were actually very simple. Most of the time, they were just pulled back in a tight braid or a ponytail.

The Vikings seemed to have been practical people and their hairstyles reflected that. Their usual hairstyles were easy to maintain and did not take too much time to do. Braids could be quickly put together even if you had short or brittle hair, and were a popular curtain style for men and women alike.

Following is the list of best Viking hairstyles that you should review to easily select the right hairstyle.

1. Temple Shave

Viking hairstyles have shaved sides and thick, long hair on the top and back of the head. The results of Viking hairstyles are eye-catching and give attitude to personality.

To make this hairstyle, you need to apply some modern changes. With a temple shave, you can achieve an excellent edgy appearance as an authentic Viking hairstyle while maintaining a modern appeal.This Picture is about Temple Shave

2. Shave Head + Beard

Not all hairstyles have a long mane that can be braided, brushed, or wrapped into a bun. This Viking hairstyle is one of them and adds a sense of personality without any follicle requirement.

This hairstyle is not only a disconnected undercut that looks edgy and stylish with a flash of the scalp. To enhance the appearance you should add a beard and allow it to grow long.

You can also have a short beard as short stubble looks good too on men and gives a real Viking feeling.This Picture is about Shave Head + Beard

3. Braided Part

If you want to add the Viking touch to the personality then try this braided style. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want an edgy warrior appearance without the rough edges.

This braided look works well with an undercut and can be styled on top in different ways including on-trend pompadour. This braid draws focus and enhances the overall appearance.Viking Hairstyles

4. Loose Braid Viking Hairstyle

With long hair, you can easily make a serious Viking look. If you invest time in growing the hair then consider making loose braids.

This is because if you make braids you will reward yourself with the best warrior style. The loose braid is one of the styles that work well on all men. Do not be afraid of making the braids as they are simple to make and require less time.This Picture is about Loose Braid Viking Hairstyle

5. Top Knot + Undercut

Are you looking for a hairstyle that gives a touch of Viking and Hipster? If yes, then the top knot + undercut is the right hairstyle.

This unique hairstyle is easy to make and can be styled in multiple ways according to your preference.

To maintain the Viking look, add plenty of texture on the top of the head and keep the bun messy. In addition, for a hipster style, comb and smooth your hair neatly to get a sleek look. For a better look, try a beard with this hairstyle.This Picture is about Top Knot + Undercut

6. Long Hair + Beard

Indeed long and loose hair can create a stylish look but it does not always help to make a Viking hairstyle. To add toughness to the lengthy cut, make sure to try it with a beard. Keep your hair messy and add texture to them by spritzing some hair spray. Make sure to use the hair cream that adds moisture to hair and does not make them hard.This Picture is about Long Hair + Beard

7. Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is common between Vikings and Punks. It adds attitude to personality and looks graceful to all face shapes.

The best part is that the Mohawk hairstyle can be made into a variety of styles. You can select the right mohawk hairstyle according to mood and preference.

Furthermore, with the shaved sides you can highlight the facial features. If you can handle the intensity of this hairstyle, make sure to give it a try and enjoy the results.

The Mohawk hairstyle is easy to make and can be maintained for a long time with minimum use of hair cream or gel.This Picture is about Mohawk

8. Slick Back + Undercut

You can easily rock the Viking style when you select the right style according to the outfit and the face shape. You can try this haircut if you want to have an edgy look. The best part of this hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain and can be worn daily.

This slick back + undercut looks both sophisticated and rugged at the same time and suits all the requirements. To add a conservative look to the personality, leave the side of hair a little longer and the top a little shorter.This Picture is about Slick Back + Undercut

9. Messy Half-Pony

The long and messy hair is the characteristic of the Viking hairstyle. With long hair, you can easily make the Viking style.

You can easily rock this Viking hairstyle by adding texture and a messy look to your hair. By making this hairstyle you can also control the mane.

This messy half-pony adds the rugged and rough appearance of a Viking. The best part is that it is easy to manage regularly and the strands keep away from the face.This Picture is about Messy Half-Pony

10. Half Bun

If you do not want to shave your hair to get a look then try the half bun hairstyle. To make this style you need to grow the locks to a specified length.

Once you grow the hair to a specified length then you can make this Viking hairstyle. The half-bun will keep the overall look simple and you can style medium-length hair into different styles.

To enhance the appearance of this Viking hairstyle make sure to grow a beard.This Picture is about Half Bun

Wrapping It All Up!!!

To add toughness and a serious attitude to your personality you should try the Viking hairstyle. We have mentioned the best hairstyle in the above list.

You can select the right Viking style from there and enhance your look. The best thing about Viking hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain and do not damage the hair no matter which trendy hairstyle you select.

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