Exciting Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair – Highlights to Bob Haircuts

Medium length haircuts for thick hair enhance the natural volume from highlighted roots to the tips. This is also an excellent way to round out your hairstyle and amp up the “wow” effect of your big, dramatic cut. Try a slightly highlighted, earthy gray color combination for a beautiful effect. For even more of an impact, add some crimped ends for a beautiful look.

Any Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair that contains bangs should have a natural feel to them. The best cuts are always simple, yet effective. Thin layers from the bangs build a base for the medium layered look and are then accentuated with a few high-quality highlights from the ends.

Some Fashionable Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair

There are many options for women who want to have medium haircuts for thick curly hair. Since every woman’s hair is unique, they should know the right medium hairdos that will suit their hair type and face shape. There are many hairstylists who can help to give you the right hairdo that they are looking for. Medium hairstyles for thick hair come in different styles and designs. However, you should know which one would be best for your type of hair before you go for them.

1- Side Swept Up Style

Another popular Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair is the side-swept up style. This is a very elegant look that women with straight hair can easily achieve. This comes with many different styles and hairstyle designs.

The most popular one is that it comes with bangs that sweep down from the forehead and then fall in the middle of the back. You can choose from medium to short haircuts for thick hairstyles.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

2- Perm Or Weave Hairstyle 

For those who have curly hair, you can choose a perm or even a hairdo weave that will help to tame your locks. If you have very fine hair, you can get this hairstyle by cutting your hair on the sides and then shaping it with curling irons or flat iron.

Hair extensions are also available for those with fine hair to add volume. You can also choose to dye your hair if you want to try something out of the ordinary and unique.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

3- Classic Shaggy Bob Cut

Any medium length hairstyle for thick hair will look good with a classic shaggy bob cut. If you’re interested in going really medium length bob haircuts for thick hair, try a shaggy bob cut that starts near the nape of the neck and ends below the ear. The shag works well with almost any hairstyle and really gives a unique look.

If you’re not interested in shaving your neckline or otherwise taking away from the middle part, you can also taper the medium bob haircuts for thick hair and make it a shaggy bob cut.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

4- Medium Length Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

Long, straight locks are usually the easiest Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair to handle when it comes to styling. Simply use a flat iron, such as a round top or textured flat iron, and work your way up to the natural wave. Use a smoothing spray or product to add some texture and thickness to your locks before adding any type of product to your hair.

Simply repeat the process until you achieve your desired look. To get these low-maintenance medium haircuts for thick hair, you can use a curling iron to create waves and curls if you have long locks, but these are much easier to style.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

5- Sweep Layers Gently Across The Crown Of the Head

One of the best haircuts for medium length thick hair is to simply sweep layers gently across the crown of the head. This will frame your face and bring out the sides of your face.

To make your layers appear thicker, comb each section of hair forward toward the center of the forehead and tap the bangs softly against the crown. If you have short hair, you can use side-parting hairspray to add some dimension. Try using textured gel to soften the sections so that they do not appear stiff when you wear them down.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

6- Medium Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair

Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair or wavy hair can also be created by using a curling iron with small sections. With a round brush and a small section at the bottom of the hair, you can curl the section to the side and define the shape of the curl.

Curling irons with small sections can also give you volume around the ears and temples. With the right styling products and a good haircut, medium length hairstyles for thick hair can become glamorous without being heavy or time-consuming. With a little bit of imagination, you can put together just enough styling products to achieve the look you want.

medium hairstyles for thick hair

7- Pixie Haircut For Medium Thick Hair 

One of the most common styles is the pixie haircut. This is a great option for those who have short hair. It is ideal for those who are looking for a hairstyle that will make their hair appear shorter.

It can be done in layers and it usually comes with bangs that frame the face. Women with medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair can also consider getting this hairstyle since this will make their hair look sleeker. The layers can be shaped into different designs such as layers that resemble the form of a pinhead, pixie shapes, short bob cuts, and layers that come with curls.

medium hairstyles for thick hair


When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, oval face medium hair is definitely an option that you should consider. There are so many Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair that you can choose from and have the look you want. Since it is so hard to find a hairdo that suits every woman’s hair, you should definitely give this medium hairstyle a shot to see how you like it.

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