The Most Flattering Medium Haircuts For Oval Face

If you have an oval face, chances are you would want medium haircuts for oval face shapes. Many stylists will offer you their best tips on what medium hairstyles for your face shape are best suited for your hair type. They may suggest altering your hair length by up to one inch to give you that long hair looks or suggest going completely straight with no bangs and only a few inches of height added.

The only thing you need to consider when choosing medium haircuts for wavy hair oval face is how you want to wear your hair – whether you want to wear it up or down. For a classic, clean look chooses side-swept bangs; for a more fun, funky look, go for spiked ends. Some people prefer messy hairstyles, and you can achieve the look you’re looking for by choosing the best medium to short haircuts for a heart oval shape face with messy fringe tips. You can add sparkle to your messy hair with sparkly clip-on earrings or jewelry.

Super Easy & Gorgeous Medium Haircuts For Oval Face

If you have an oval face and you want to bring some life into your features, the best haircuts for medium-length fine hair and oval face are those that emphasize your jawline and your cheekbones. Your facial structure will look much better with long and straight hair. Long layers with a natural wave at the crown will do the trick.

There are many different medium-length haircuts for women with oval faces and small heads, as well as several different styles. These haircuts can be curly, straight, wispy, or a combination of the two. Each different style of the best Medium Haircuts For Oval Face gives you different options in how to hold your hair, how much hair to remove, and what direction your hair will need to go in. It’s good to experiment with different looks until you find one that suits you and your personality. Here are some medium length haircuts for thick hair oval faces:

1- The Shag Cut

One of the easiest styles to do is the shag cut. It does well on virtually all hair types and is quite easy to maintain. A shag is a short-length cut that goes down the middle of your backside to near your armpits.

The shag is one of the best medium-long length haircuts for fine wavy hair and oval face because it frames your face without overwhelming it or making it look like you have too much weight there.

medium haircuts for oval face

2- Wavy Cut

A super soft and effervescent cut is the wavy cut. It works well on medium-length hair and can be left to flow naturally on the sides or cut to the side with a blunt razor.

To make these haircuts medium length for oval-shaped face work for you, start by using a curling iron to curl the hair up and then take the top section of hair and curl it toward the ear. Then just lift and flip the rest of the hair back to its natural state. This looks very sleek and cute on any oval face.

medium haircuts for oval face

3- A Medium Bob Cut 

Medium Haircuts For Oval Face is a long style that is ideal for all kinds of faces. It looks fabulous on both long and short hair. Just ensure that the hair is not curly and that it doesn’t extend over your eyes.

To achieve a more defined jawline, pull the hair up from the temples in the front towards the center of the forehead. Use a blunt razor to cut the hair and tease out any stray hairs along the way.

medium haircuts for oval face

4- A Baby Doll Cut

A baby doll cut is also a medium style but it is better suited to oval-shaped faces. Shave the hair slightly and then use a wide-toothed comb to slowly comb through the hair, lifting the hair on the sides and off the crown. The hair should be combed to the scalp line and then parted at the temples.

Once the hair has been parted, comb the hair back using a fine-tooth comb until the end of the hair is brushed against the back of the neck. This results in an acute, babyish appearance and also works well with long, straight hair.

medium haircuts for oval face

5- A Wispy Bang 

A wispy bang for Medium Haircuts For Oval Face is very attractive for anyone with this shape, and wispy bangs work great when layered behind your ears to frame your face. A slightly more natural look is with slightly longer layers, but you can also create an elongated look with shorter layers.

Long hair will show off your roundness, so if you have long hair it’s best to leave it long and healthy. If you want a natural look for the best haircuts for medium hair oval face, try a curly cut that shows your scalp and highlights your facial features.

medium haircuts for oval face

6- Long And Curly Hair

Long and curly hair both work well with medium haircuts for an oval face since they are both soft and easy to manage. To get the best result, choose layers that are a bit longer than your own strands. This will help you give the appearance of thick hair, without making it appear happy.

For an ultra-sleek look, you can use a curling iron, and for a softer look choose a flat iron. You can also create the appearance of waves if you curl your wet hair in vertical waves with your fingers and air dry your hair – a subtle variation that looks great with most haircuts.

medium haircuts for oval face

7- Cropped Or Bob Haircuts 

The best short haircuts for your face are cropped or bob haircuts that fall on your collar bone with thin wispy layers right at the tip. This can be trimmed or left as it is for a very sleek and modern look.

A shoulder-length bob is also the ideal kind of medium haircut for you to try. You can also go with just a side-Swept Bangs or none at all for that modern look.

medium haircuts for oval face

8- Medium Length Cuts With Multiple Layers

Medium length cuts with multiple layers are also very cute medium haircuts for oval faces. While you still get to see details, they are no longer too busy.

Instead, there should only be about two layers to your hair with a comb or a curling iron to add somebody. This gives your hair texture without having to add too much weight to it.

medium haircuts for oval face

To Sum Up! 

There are many more options for medium haircuts. Medium haircuts can be curly or straight and wavy or straight. Any type of hair can make a great medium haircut. You can change your hairstyle look any time you like with a simple change in the haircuts. So don’t limit yourself to the traditional medium styles; give your hair a twist and see what you can create!

It is always important to take into consideration the balance of your appearance when you pick Medium Haircuts For Oval Face. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for a hairstyle that is not too extreme for your face. There are a lot of celebrities who sport medium haircuts. You should check them out so you can see what looks good on you.

You may also surf the Internet for various different pictures of celebrity hairstyles. This will help you identify which hairstyle will work for your face and give you the confidence to go out in public with your new haircut.

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