Top 13 Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas You Want to Adopt in 2022

Time has gone when people stick to their natural hair color. Now we have multiple options to change the hair color and the pastel purple hair color ideas are one of them.

In this article, we will discuss the best pastel color ideas that you will love to try. So let’s dive into the discussion.

What are The Top Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas in 2022?

Here is the list of the top 13 pastel purple hair color ideas that you should try to change appearance. So have a look.

1- Dark to Light Pastel Purple Ombre

The light and dark purple ombre is the perfect choice to brighten up your natural long bob. The vibrant purple color leaves a dark shade on the roots and melts naturally in the hair. You need time to get this hair shade. But the results are worth it. Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

2- Dark Pastel Purple on Short Hair

The dark pastel color looks vibrant and enhances the appearance. If you like pastel lavender hair then remember that they only last for a short time. It means you need to try something deeper with the blue-violet base. In this way, the color will melt into the hair and you get the natural look that you want.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

3- Pastel Blue and Purple

You need a proper time to create the pastel blue and purple hair color. First, you need to make your hair blonde so that you can get the soft look that you want. Once you achieve the perfect blonde color then at the roots dark purple shade is added which melts into the hair naturally.

Then select the light tones of pastel purple to highlight the hair. But you need to make an effort to maintain the pastel purple color for a long time.

Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

4- Grey and Purple Ombre

To have a smooth color transition on hair you can select the grey and purple ombre shade. It works with both long and short hair types that have texture. You should use cold water with sulfate-free shampoos to maintain the shades for a long time. The noticeable feature of this styling is that you can try multiple fun colors on different hair cuts.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

5- Light Pastel Purple Hair Color

The light pastel purple shade is created by the silver metallic shades combined with the deep violet red hue. The best of this shade is that it adds texture to the hair and makes the internal hair layers weightless. You need the proper color protection to maintain the shades on hair.

Furthermore, you can try different light shades to enhance your appearance.

Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

6- Purple to Mint Green Ombre Style

This style not only contains purple and mint green colors. There are multiple shades of green and purple lines. You should try this color combination on curly or wavy locks. The best thing about this style is that it adds dimension to the hair. To maintain the colors for a long time use dry shampoo with cold water. You can also consult your stylist for the best tips to maintain all the shades.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

7- Pastel Lavender Hair Dye

This is a faded version of the platinum hue. It is created with a smooth and shiny purple shade with shadow roots. The best thing about this hair dye is that it complements the neutral skin tones. By selecting the shade you can bring out the natural pink color of your skin.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

8- Pastel Lilac Hair

The idea of pastel lilac comes from the unicorn violet hair. It is applied from the roots to tips in the same shade. But this is a high-maintenance style. Therefore, you need to use the right products to wash your hair. Also, make sure to use cold water instead of hot water for washing.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

9- Medium-Length Unicorn Hair With Purple Tones

The unicorn color combination on hair looks appealing to the eyes. The purple pastel hue is the star of this style. But the colors come out easily. Therefore you need to use the right products to keep the vibrant tone of purple color. Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

10- Pastel Periwinkle

This metallic violet haze with blue undertones gives a unique pastel dimension to the wavy hair. By using the pastel purple shade you can do experiments with your hair. Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

11- Amethyst Pastel Hair

Here the purple color is combined with the ashy mermaid hair color. That’s why this shade is unique and trendy. The best thing about this shade is that it provides movement to the hair. Furthermore, you can volumize your hair by creating waves. Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

12- Pastel Purple Hair With Dark Roots

If you want the soft hair look with multiple colors then pastel purple color is the perfect option. Here you will have dark roots. It means you do not have to restyle your hair when your hair starts to grow. To achieve the right light pastel pink color. You need to first convert your hair into pale or pale yellow colors.

To protect the color you need a regular home and salon treatments. In addition, these treatments will increase the strength of the hair.

Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

13- Light Pink and Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

To create the unicorn hair color you need to combine the purple pastel and light pink tones. You can also add blue pieces to give a better dimension to hair. But the drawback of this combination is that pastel colors come out easily with some washes. Therefore, you need to visit the salon regularly to maintain the color. Furthermore, you can use color-safe and sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair.Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas


The purple color adds shine to the hair. So try the Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas that we have mentioned in this article. This is because you can easily achieve these styles and maintain them easily.

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