10 Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors Trending in 2022

Brown is the normal hair color as most women have this color. But you can highlight this color by adding highlights to the hair.

In this article, we will discuss the popular brown balayage hair colors that are trending in 2022. By using these colors you can efficiently enhance your appearance.

Here we only mention those color shades that look natural on the hair. It means without any doubt you can try these colors.

So without taking your further time, let’s start the discussion.

What are the Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors?

Following is the list of popular brown balayage hair colors that you can apply to highlight the hair. Have a look.

1- Red Brown Balayage

You can enhance the shades of the red-brown balayage by adding curls to the hair. This will give you a trendy vibe. You can easily pull the edgy locks by applying the red-brown shade. As compared to the vibrant red color, the red-brown balayage requires low maintenance. It suits women who have a light complexion.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

2- Brown Balayage with Face-Framing Layers

With the brown balayage face-framing layers you can easily keep up the attention and brightness drawn to the face. By following the balayage procedure you do not need to maintain the colors. The face-framing layers with brown balayage give a natural look.

The best thing about face-framing layers is that you can cut them down to any length. Also, according to the face shape, the layers can be customized.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

3- Luscious Dark Brown Balayage

In any season you can select the luscious dark brown balayage. This shade is also referred to as the Rich Girl Hair. The reason is that the deep hues give the appearance of the high class. But the best thing is that this shade is easy to maintain.

When you feel that your hair color starts to fade you can call the stylist and book an appointment to tone the hair color. With a single salon session, you can get the softness and shine of the colors back.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

4- Sandy Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

The sandy brown color is a warm tone. It mostly looks like you are sun-kissed. This shade is a mixture of different colors. You can use this shade to give dark tresses a dimension and texture. It also adds shine to the hair. This is a low-maintenance look and you can keep the color bright for a long time with normal products.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

5- Coffee and Cinnamon Brown Balayage

To create brightness in the hair try the coffee and cinnamon brown balayage. The rich tones of this shade give a new life to the hair and make them healthy. To show off your shades add waves in the hair. You can apply this color to both thick and thin tresses. This shade will simply make you gorgeous.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

6- Golden Brown Balayage

The golden brown color provides warm and rich tones that look great on all hair types including curly, wavy, and straight. This shade looks best on people that have olive skin complexion. If you want to add shine try out different reddish brown colors on the hair you can try this golden brown balayage shade on hair.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

7- Balayage Butterscotch Brown

You can brighten up the dark brown shade to light brown balayage by adding butterscotch hues. This shade has nice brightness pops that help to take out all warm color tones together. This shade is best for women who have naturally rich hair color but want a soft dimension with little brightness. The best thing about this shade is that it is easy to maintain and you have to visit the salon once in a while.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

8- Mahogany and Caramel Brown Balayage

This is a unique mixture of toffee brown hair with brunette balayage. It is blended naturally in the hair roots. This combination of tones is low maintenance for natural brunettes. The brassy and reddish tones create a vibrant finish.

This is a high maintenance style therefore you need to use the shampoo that has saffron and turmeric. By using this shampoo you can keep the color for a long time.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

9- Mocha and Light Brown Balayage

To give your hair a new life apply the mocha and light brown balayage. These days, balayage has become a trend for ladies who want to show their inner diva. It enhances the overall appearance and offers incomparable beauty.

The best part of this style is that the light brown color adds depth and movement. This combination of tones works better with long and wavy hair.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors

10- Chocolate Brown and Honey Caramel Balayage on Short Hair

The caramel balayage is the right option for brown ombre hair because it gives a high contrast and depth when you add honey caramel highlights. These colors have gold pigments in the mixture that creates a healthy reflection on the hair. This shade looks best on short hair with waves.

So if your hair is not wavy and you do not want to add waves to the hair after coloring. Then this shade is not for you. The reason is that you will not get the expected results. This chocolate brown and honey shade is low maintenance. But the styling cost is high.

Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors


Read the description of all these Popular Brown Balayage Hair Colors shades and find out which shade suits your hair look. Make sure to try the shade that looks natural on your hair. So that you can shine naturally.

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