12 Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas – Brown Ombre Hairstyles of 2022

Brown is a natural hair color like black. Therefore having brown color is not a shame. But you can update it by adding highlights to the hair.

In this article, we will discuss the prettiest brown ombre hair ideas that you can try in 2022. All ombre shades look natural on the hair and are low maintenance.

By selecting the right ombre hair shade you can enhance the overall appearance and save money. Therefore you need to know the right ombre hair color ideas.

So without taking your further time, let’s start the discussion.

What are the Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas?

Following is the list of prettiest brown long ombre hair ideas that you should try in 2022. Have a look.

1- Subtle Brown to Purple Lilac Ombre

The subtle brown to purple lilac ombre creates a smooth transition of colors. Therefore they are the first choice of women who want to add different colors to the head. This shade indeed enhances the overall appearance and gives a smooth finish to the hair. So try it.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

2- Toffee Brown to Grey for Long Hair

The toffee brown to grey looks the smokey brown on the hair. It provides texture and dimension to the hair. You can add the highlights to the dark brown hair color. The reason is that light colors on a strong and dark base need a little maintenance.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

3- Chestnut Brown to Silver Lob Cut

The chestnut brown shade is the new addition to the brown family and people are loving it. You can flaunt this shade by adding curls and waves to your hair. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to style your hair. To maintain the color for a long time you need to use dry shampoo.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

4- Black to Dark Brunette

The black to dark brunette transition creates a subtle look on the hair. There are multiple ways to style hair with dark colors. The best part is that they do not require high maintenance. With normal products, you can take care of the additional color.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

5- Chocolate Brown to Rose Gold for Medium Length Hair

Women that have a dark rich chocolate brown hair color can try many colors for fashion. This is because all the additional colors will melt into the brown color and give a natural shine. By adding rose gold highlights you can have the rosiness in your hair. For easy styling, you can add these colors to the short hair. Therefore, rose gold highlights are still in fashion.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

6- Mocha Brown to Pink Long Bob

Pink is one of the favorite colors of women when it comes to dying their hair. When the soft mocha brown color melts to the pink hair color it enhances the overall appearance. With this transition, you can have your natural hair color. Do not worry if your hair starts to grow because the mocha brown colors will handle baby hairs.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

7- Cappuccino Brown to Copper for Straight Hair

The dark cappuccino brown color melts naturally into the light copper color. When you see the color you will have a craving for coffee. This shade is suitable for light and warm complexion women. The reason is that transition from the dark to light color is mesmerizing.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

8- Espresso Brown to Blonde for Short Hair

With the chin-length, you can handle the brown and blonde ombre hair color. But if you have long-length hair then do not worry. You can easily carry this shade. It gives shade to your hair and different colors melt naturally to give a smooth texture and right direction.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

9- Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas to Ash Blonde

Long and straight hair is perfect to apply the light brown to ash blonde shade. It will help your hair to have a natural shine. Moreover, you can easily show off your shiny metallic ash blonde to light brown ombre hair. You can use the flat iron to give a perfect finish with brown balayage hair.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

10- Golden Brown to Auburn Bob

You can flaunt your golden brown to auburn shade under the direct sunlight. You can rock the style with the choppy ends and wavy long bob. The shade suits the women with light to medium skin tones.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

11- Natural Brown to Caramel

If you are the type of woman that likes nature then you can avoid the harsh transitions and try the natural brown to caramel shade. The reason is that it gives life and natural shine to the hair. You can show off this shine by straightening your hair.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas

12- Short Brown to Red

The brown to the red combination will give the chocolate tones dipped in the sweet cherry. This resulting color adds texture to the hair and makes the tips soft. It is specially made for short browning. But you can apply this shade on both straight or curly hair. The reason is that both colors melt naturally and make an interesting combination.

Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas


Read the description of all the Prettiest Brown Ombre Hair Ideas and see which ombre hair idea is right for you. To select the right shade you can ask your stylists as they will give the right advice.

Do not randomly select any shade and spend your hair. Remember your hair is precious and you should deal with them carefully when it comes to styling and coloring.

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