10 Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors for Brown, Red & Blonde Hair

Highlights bring natural shine to the hair and add texture to them. The best thing about highlights is that you can add them to any base hair color.

Therefore in this article, we will discuss the prettiest highlights hair colors for different base colors. So that the women with blonde, brown, and red hair can add life to their hair.

Highlights also enhance the appearance if you select the right color. The reason is that not all the colors melt naturally and give dimension.

That’s why here we tell the different highlight colors with some description. To make sure you can select the right color to highlight your hair.

So, without taking your further time, shall we start the discussion about Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors?

What are the Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors for Different Base Hair Colors?

Following is the list of prettiest highlights hair colors that you can try on brown, red, and blonde hair. So have a look.

1- Turquoise Green Partial Highlights

To show the black curtain hair you can go for the partial blue and green highlights. The purpose of partial highlights is to bring shine to the hair. It simply upgrades your look. You can show off the partial highlights by straightening the hair and adding waves, and layers to hair.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

2- Bronze Copper Highlights

Bronze and copper highlights are included in the seasonal highlights. The reason is that both colors give complement each other and create a soft shiny look. They also add dimension to the hair. The combination of bronze and copper creates a ginger shade that suits the warm comp;exion women.

You can show off the highlights by making any hairstyle. The best part is that these highlights do not need high maintenance. You can keep them vibrant with normal products.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

3- Silver Strands the Prettiest Highlights Hair Color

Silver strands upgrade the whole blonde look. Therefore this shade has become the favorite of most women. You should not be afraid of upgrading your hair with silver highlights. This is because silver highlights melt naturally into the blonde color and give your hair a new life. They also add smoothness and texture to the hair.

In simple words, this is a balayage style with silvery tones at the tips. The best part is that silver highlights look best on women of all complexions. But they require some maintenance due to which all women can not afford this highlights shade.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

4- Cherry Red on Dark Brown Hair

The combination of rose red and rich dark brown is the ideal solution for a haircut of any length. Therefore you can apply this shade whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair. It is a medium tone cool color that suits the fair complexion. The extra layer of cherry red adds texture and dimension to the hair.

But when your hair starts to grow it can mess up the styling. So visit the salon regularly to maintain your hair color for a long time.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

5- Auburn Red Highlights

By adding auburn red highlights you can add texture to the hair. The auburn red looks gorgeous on the hair that has a lot of volume. So to create volume in your hair you can add waves and layers to them. This auburn shade suits the medium warm complexion.

Women especially go for red highlights when they want to add shine to their hair. You can have the same effects on hair that you can have from the vivid hair colors. So give it a try.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

6- Caramel Streaks on Dark Brown Roots

Honey and caramel highlights are used to add shine to the hair. They also make them look flirty and sexy. You can add waves in the hair to enhance the caramel shades. Most women are preferring this style because it is a unique blend of effortlessness and drama that women want.

The best part is that this is a low-maintenance shade and you do not need to visit the saloons to maintain it.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

7- Ash Brown Hair Highlights

Ash brown highlights are a combination of silver and black highlights. Therefore it is a versatile color. It is best for women who want to try something different. The best part of this style is that it looks elegant. There are no vibrant colors, just the shine that adds life to the normal black hair.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

8- Platinum Highlights

Platinum color is loved by all therefore women go for the platinum highlights on the blonde hair base. It adds texture and dimension to the hair. You can do the platinum highlight on any hairstyle with any hair length. It is easy to maintain and if you are active you can style your hair easily.]

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

9- Purple Highlights

Purple highlights are now becoming usual because of the shine that they add to the hair. You can give your hair a smooth finish with the help of a flat iron. To do the purple highlights your hair must be in a good state. Also, it is important to know that purple is a high-maintenance color.

Therefore with some washes, it goes away. You need to use dry shampoo to maintain the color for a long time.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors

10- Dark to Ash Grey Ombre with Highlights

This is the silver balayage ombre look that adds grace to the overall appearance. The noticeable feature of this style is that it blends naturally from the dark root to the smokey silver grey.

Furthermore, you can enhance the look by adding curls and waves to it. The reason is that hairstyling will add the dimension and texture that you will need.

Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors


Try these Prettiest Highlights Hair Colors to update your normal hair look. They will blend naturally and add shine to your hair. If you do not want to do much experiment then here are some ash blonde highlights colors that will help you to stay within the limit.

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