Red and Black Hair: Ombre, Balayage & Highlights

The time has changed when people keep single color hair all the time. Now it’s the time to dye the hair with different colors and red and black hair is the famous combo to do that.

In this article, we will tell you some colors with which you can highlight red hair and enhance your overall appearance. So let’s dive into the discussion.

What Are The Best Highlights For Red and Black Hair?

Following is that list of highlights that go with red and black hair. Have a look.

1- Black Bob with Crimson Highlights

The crimson highlights increase the shine in the black hair. The women with short hair can rock this hair color as they can follow multiple styles. This hair color needs proper maintenance as it can fade away easily. You can use home products to wash your hair. To make sure highlights do not fade away easily.

Red and Black Hair

2- Burgundy Highlights On Short Dark Hair

To add an edgy dimensional vibe into the hair go for the burgundy highlights. You can try this style on short hair. The reason is that the layers of short hair give extra spice to the look. The best part is that this style increases the volume in the hair and takes care of the texture.

Red and Black Hair

3- Brownish Red Highlights On Natural Black Hair

The brownish-red highlights on the natural hair enhance the look. The highlights are added to hair by using a balayage technique.

So that you can maintain this style for a long time even when your hair grows. Due to the balayage shade, this color is suitable for all skin types.

Red and Black Hair

4- Ginger Highlights on Red and Black Hair

The ginger highlights look cool on the hair with a short lob cut. As a result, you get the chocolate brown highlights.

This shade is best for women who want to improve the texture of their hair in the fall season.

Red and Black Hair

5- Reddish Purple Plum Babylights on French Roast Black

The reddish-purple baby lights improve the hair texture and increase the volume. It gives the soft look to the hair that enhances the appearance.

To show off the highlights, straighten your hair. This is a high-maintenance style as the highlights can fade away easily. You need to visit the salon frequently to keep your hairstyle fresh.

Red and Black Hair

6- Bright Red Highlights on Ash Black Hair

The red highlights shine on the ash black hair. Therefore many women prefer this cool hairstyle. Women can have this shade on all types of hair.

But the women that like vibrant colors must try this shade. To keep the red color shiny do not wash your hair regularly. Also, use safe products for both styling and washing hair.

Red and Black Hair

7- Black to Wild Cherry Ombre

The wild cherry ombre on the black hair looks graceful. Women with short hair can try this shade. To enhance the cherry color, make your hair curl at the end.

This is a high-maintenance style as the cherry color fades out easily. Also, when the hair grows they have a natural color instead of pure black. Therefore, they need to be retouched after a certain time. Also, to keep the color bright for a long time. Only use the shampoos that your stylist recommends.

Red and Black Hair

8- Two-Tone Black and Red Hair in Balayage

Two-tone black and red hair give a vibrant shade and if you spritz a shine spray. Then it will enhance the look. To achieve the best bright look first make the hair blonde.

The shade suits all complexions and gives a fine texture to hair. But remember that red is a high maintenance color. To keep the look fresh you will need to visit the salon after 6 weeks.

In addition, wash the hair with cold water only 1 to 2 times a week. Moreover, avoid the use of silicone and sulfate products on hair.

To make sure the red color does not bleed, keep a towel on your pillow. If you think you can take care of all these factors try this shade and enhance your appearance.

Red and Black Hair

9- Maroon-Red Highlights on Black Hair

Red and black look best together as they enhance the look gracefully. Therefore the maroon red highlights give a soft and shiny look to the black hair.

These red highlights look beautiful on short hair. But women with different hair lengths can try this shade. According to your stylist’s recommendation, highlight the hair and enjoy.

Red and Black Hair

10- Jet Black and Red Ombre on Mid-length Hair

The woman with dark black hair can enhance the look by adding red ombre color to it. The red color will melt naturally with the black hair and give a shiny look. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle and you can easily take care of it.

Red and Black Hair

11- Black to Copper Red Ombre hair

For women who like the red hair color in a natural way black to copper-red ombre hair is the perfect solution.

Here the roots have the darkest color and the tips have red and black ombre hair. The best thing about this shade is that it allows your hair to grow out naturally. So give this shade a try and shine naturally.

Red and Black Hair

12- Magenta Red Highlights On Black Hair

To do the magenta red highlights on hair you do not have to make your hair blonde. Just apply the color to your black hair. You can try this shade on long and short hair. To enhance the appearance make sure to straighten your hair while going out for any event. This is because with straight hair the highlights will get more prominent.

Red and Black Hair


The highlight colors that we mention in this list Red and Black Hair, work best with the red and black colors. So try them out if you want to change your normal look.

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