13 Famous Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women | Style with Curves

Having plus size is not an important issue. Because personality matters more than physical looks. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss 13 short haircuts for Plus Size women.

So that they can easily groom their personality. Some women think if they have plus size then no matter which style they select, they will still look the same. But this is not true.

By having the right hairstyle you can soften your sharp edges. Moreover, you can hide your wide face. And all the styles that we mention in this article will prove this. So without any further delay, let’s start the discussion.

What Are The Top Short Haircuts For Plus Size Women?

Here is the list of the best 13 short haircuts for plus size women that are easy to follow. So have a look.

1- Pixie Haircut with Short Fringe

The pixie haircut is the most famous hairstyle. Because it looks cute on every woman. No matter whether they are slim or have plus size. Therefore, women that have extra size can try the pixie haircut with a short fringe.

To get this style soft and short bangs are styles on the diagonal. So that it can look adorable. If you have thick hair then you will have the volume on the top. But it will cut in the taper direction down at the wear.

So that you do not have any width to the cheeks. Therefore, this style looks sassy on plus-size women.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

2- Angled Pixie Short Haircuts For Plus Size Women

The second hairstyle on this list is also a pixie cut. But this is angled. This hairstyle features long piecey bangs that you can wear on one side of the head. In this hairstyle, your hair is longer as compared to the previous hairstyle.

But the volume and length are also concentrated in this hairstyle above the ears, The reason for the angular cut is that it looks very flattering for wider and round facesShort Haircuts for Plus Size Women

3- Edgy Pixie

This is the third short pixie cut in this list but different from the other cuts. Because pixie cut has a huge variety. You can style it in multiple ways depending upon the length of your hair.

In short, you can change your look from sweet to sassy and vice versa. To get this cut, you need to cut your thick hair into a jagged fringe with slightly tousled styling. That’s it, in these easy steps you can have the edgy pixie cut.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

4- Long Side Swept Bangs

This is the cool hairstyle for plus-size women and works on all hair types. In this style, you will have short hair at the back and the sides and a heavy hock of side-swept bangs.

These short haircuts for plus size women will give a wavy texture to your hair therefore it looks great. You can get the hairstyle done with straight hair or with full-on curls. When you get this hairstyle, it will look like a short bob.

That’s why it looks cute on both younger and older plus-size women. Depending on how you dress, the long side-swept bangs can look professional or fun.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

5- Short Angled Bob

If you have short hair till the neck then a short angled bob is the right hairstyle for you. It looks stylish and easy to wear for a long time. The side part of this hairstyle adds a diagonal line that slims the face.

The angled hair emphasizes the jawline from the side and front view. Therefore, it suits plus-size women of all hair types. No matter whether you have thick hair, fine hair, curly hair, or straight hair.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

6- Short Bob Haircut

This hairstyle is the straight version of the angled bob. Unlike the regular hairstyle, this style does not add weight to the face. Therefore, it suits the women who have plus size. A short bob haircut features the side-swept fringes that shorten the face and draw attention to the eyes.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

7- High Volume Pixie

Some volume at the top of the head makes the appearance of the face slimmer and longer. This high-volume pixie haircut features curved bangs. These bangs are styles with some textured volume at the back.

So if you want to trim your healthy face with the right haircut. Then high-volume pixie is the best option for you. Do try it and enjoy wonderful results.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

8- Quiff for Women

For both men and women of plus size, the quiff hairstyle works best. This cute hairstyle pulls the hair up into a high point along the forehead. To get the natural and textured look you can use your fingers and matter hair pomade. Moreover, you can wear this hairstyle down with some side-swept bangs.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

9- Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

This formal hairstyle takes the short bob to the next level. In this hairstyle, you will have half hair up and half hair down. The hair on the top of the head is tied back after being teased up for a maximum height. This easy updo hairstyle works well for women that have less weight and wider cheeks.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

10- Short Bob Haircut for Curly Hair

This is another cure for short hair for women with plus size. It suits the women that have curly hair. Because this curly bob haircut creates a circular silhouette that is interrupted by a side part.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

11- Pixie with Bangs

For plus-size women, this is another pixie haircut. In this hairstyle, bangs are textures and angles. This hairstyle looks lovely but sometimes women want something different. Therefore, you should allow your hair to grow in the pixie cut. So that you can easily change the shape anytime you want.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

12- Longer Pixie

To get the longer pixie style, allow your hair to grow. But keep the back and sides short while allowing the hair on the top to grow. This pixie haircut will look similar to the other pixie cut if you have a longer side-swept fringe. But no one cares about it. So try out this style.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

13- Short Side Part Haircut

To have this style you need a little longer hair. So that you can tuck them behind the ears. Therefore, most women love the haircut more than the pixie cut. If you grow your hair in this style. Then in a short time, you will automatically have the bob cut.Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you have plus size and want the magical hairstyle that can groom your look. Then select the right hairstyle from the list of Short Haircuts for Plus Size Women that we mentioned above. Because they need minimum maintenance and are easy to follow. So save your time and enhance your personality with the right short haircuts for plus size women.

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