The 7 Best Extraordinary Short Haircuts for Women in Their 30s

Women in their 30s have a more challenging time looking good than women in their twenties, due to the fact that their hair is generally thinner and has lost much of its natural shape and volume. A lot of older women go to great lengths to look their best. One popular method of achieving this is to get cute short haircuts for women in their 30s.

While some may consider this an indulgence, it’s really more of an investment in one’s appearance. Short hair, when done well, can make you feel like a kid again, without the pain and cost of growing out your long hair.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose haircuts for short hair for women in their 30s alone; many styles can be pulled off with longer hair as well. If you decide to keep your hair short, it’s important to go with a hairstylist who understands the challenges involved with maintaining shorter hair.

Choosing Short Haircuts For Women In Their 30s 

Women in their 30s have a few more options available when it comes to the style and cut of their hair. With the many styling options available, it is often necessary to try new styles. One option that is gaining popularity is the ever-popular short haircut. Women in their 30s have many reasons to look their best.

No matter the reason, there are some great short haircuts for women in their 30s that can help them to achieve the look they want. But the question still pop-up in my mind: what are some cute haircuts for short layered hair for women in their 30s? Let’s jump to look at them;

1- Flat Top Haircut For Women in Their 30s

One of the most popular short haircuts for women in their 30s is the flat top. This is a top that will sit close to the scalp with a minimal amount of height, which creates an open face look.

Women in their 30s who are looking to create a younger appearance may find the flat top a good option. There are many different variations of the flat top, including ones that come with waves or curls.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

2- Side Swept Cute Haircuts 

Another popular short cute haircut for women in their 30s is the side-swept. The front of the hair is swept to the side and the back is left smooth and flat. This option is ideal for women who like to wear their hair down and do not like the look of long hair pulling on their shoulders.

The downside of this short haircut is that it often requires many washes, and it can get tedious to keep clean. It can also take a lot of time to style the side-swept hair.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

3- Pixie Short Haircuts For Women in 30s

Another popular short haircut for women in their 30s is the pixie. This style is easy to accomplish and can be done in a number of ways. Some people will go for a pixie style that is short and spiked or they will go for a pixie with straight hair coming down.

This is an easy way to change the look without having to change much of your clothing. Some women like to add some flowers to their pixie, but there is not usually a need for this.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

4- Shoulder Length and Straight With Some Wave or Curls

Dyed short haircuts for women in 30s are very popular. The classic cut of these women is often shoulder length and straight with some waves or curls. Women who are middle-aged or older may choose a pixie cut. These are typically shoulder length with varying degrees of curl.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

5- Crop Short Haircuts For 30s Women

A very stylish look for women in their thirties is the crop. The crop is an effective means of hiding hair that is undesirable in some areas. Women with bushy eyebrows will often choose the crop as a method of short hair cuts for women in their forties and fifties.

They will often wear it pulled back at the sides with bangs swept to the side. Short haircuts for round-face women in their 30s are appropriate for almost every situation or especially for round-face women in their 30s.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

6- Women in 30s Cover Their Hair With Scarf 

Another option for Short Haircuts For Women in Their 30s is to leave their hair natural or cover it up with a scarf. In this case, the hair is often slightly pulled back from the scalp using a ponytail, then secured with a small bun or headband.

This style is ideal if you have lots of movement during the day since it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Some women, on the other hand, would prefer to keep their hair short. In this case, a shortcut with layers will help add definition to the face, while still allowing her to move freely.

short haircuts for women in their 30s

7- Women in 30s Consider The Short Haircut

One option that women in their 30s really should consider is a short haircut. It will look younger and feel fresher, and allow you to get dressed down or dressier without losing your hairdo.

The best part about a short haircut is that many styles will not look as defined as they would with longer hair, such as a braid or a ponytail. Even if you only have a short haircut during the day, chances are that you’ll be able to style the ends so that they look vibrant at night.

short haircuts for women in their 30s


A lot of salons offer short haircuts for women in their 30s because they know that many older women still want to look younger. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have because many different styles can be layered, worn, and brought up to your own personal style.

Just make sure that you give your hair time to grow out and that you use styling products that are designed for shorter lengths of hair. You can use curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers, among others, to help your hair look softer, shinier, and more defined. There are also many hair styling products available that can help you achieve the same results if you are on a budget, too.

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