The 12 Best Front French Hairstyles That are Easy to Wear 

The best front French hairstyles for you will depend on your hair type, texture, and face shape. It is important to have a good understanding of your own hair type before you go into asking what are the best front French hairstyles. A qualified and experienced hairstylist is the best person to guide you in choosing the best hairstyle for your facial features and needs.

Hairstyles can be classified into different categories. These categories help people identify with ease what hairstyle they should wear the most. The hair types that fit into the various categories are: wavy, curly, natural, fine, and straight. Wavy hair tends to look fresh and bouncy, the straight look can emphasize your facial features. Curly hair gives an overall youthful look, while natural and fine-haired hair give a natural appeal.

Front French Hairstyles Bring Attention to Your Face

French braids are some of the most common hairstyle choices for women. They have been around for many years and have evolved just as quickly as any other hairstyle form. Women who choose to wear braid-front French hairstyles all day or all night are very comfortable with their choice. The following are some of the most popular French braid hairstyles for women today.

1- The French twist

If you have wavy hair, then the French twist is probably one of the best hairstyles for your hair. It is simple to do and it looks fantastic. The French twist is simply a front style that flows from the temple area all the way down to the nape of the neck. With the pomade, gel, or mousse used as the basis for the hair, this French hairdo looks great on most people.Front French Hairstyles

2- The pomade French twist

If you have curly hair, then the pomade French twist will look fantastic on you. It is simple to do and you can easily achieve the look you want. This type of hairdo can look elegant, fresh, or casual. A quality hair product is all that is needed to pull off this particular hairdo.Front French Hairstyles

3- The front braid

If you have straight hair, then the front braid is another hairstyle option that you should explore. This is an easy style to handle, whether you use gel, hairspray, or mousse. You can easily pull this style off with just a clip-in iron. This is an ideal hairdo for anyone who has straight hair because the front hairstyle flatters your hair and frames your face.Front French Hairstyles

4- The shag

If you have long hair, then the shag is another great option. This is an easy hairstyle to handle as well. Just pull your hair back with a secure pair of scissors, straight pins, or a comb and start straightening. When you have your hair pulled up in the front, you will look like you put one end around the front door, but when you pull back on the side you have a sleek look.Front French Hairstyles

5- The faux hawk

If you have short hair, the faux hawk or the French braid are also great options for the front hairstyle. These two styles will flatter most faces and will look great on all types of hair. You can pull either style off with a small accessory such as a barrette or headband, depending on how much hair you have to work with.Front French Hairstyles

6- Mohawk French Braid 

One of the most popular looks right now is the Mohawk French Braid. This particular hairdo features a high front hairline with plenty of fringes and clips to frame your face. The beautiful thing about this type of French front hairstyle is that it can easily be made to look different every time you wear it.Front French Hairstyles

7- The classic French braid

There are also plenty of other alternatives to the classic French braid. Depending on your personality, you can choose from a variety of different hairstyles. Perhaps you prefer a more artistic hairdo with plenty of colors or a super casual style with minimal attention to detail. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the choices available for the front. It really depends on what kind of look you want to get.Front French Hairstyles

8- The ponytail

The ponytail is one of the oldest and most common French braid hairstyles for women. Many celebrities sport this look including Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Ritchie. To create the ponytail, start with an end part that is about shoulder length and tie the hair into a simple ponytail. You can add any type of accessories to the ponytail and make it look absolutely stunning.Front French Hairstyles

9- Side-swept bangs

French braid hairstyles that include side-swept bangs are also very popular today. These are the same types of styles that were used for a long time. With the side-swept bangs, you can add any kind of accessory to the hair like a small ribbon or even glitter to give the appearance that the hair is more artfully decorated than it really is. You can also create more of a natural look by wearing your hair down. This will give it a softer look and still allow you to wear your French braid hairstyle to work and school on a daily basis.Front French Hairstyles

10- French Crown Braid 

There are a lot of classic French braid hairstyles for women that don’t require hair braiding. One of the most common French braid hairstyles for women is the French Crown Braid. The way a French braid hairstyle is called a bun is when you have hair that is gathered up at the nape of the neck. To create a bun, you simply take your normal braid style and start adding some volume at the nape of your neck. You can use a curling iron to make the bun look very nice, or you can just use some loose hair to pull the whole thing together.Front French Hairstyles

11- Trendy Mermaid French Braid Updo

Another great way to create the French braid hairstyle is to take your normal hair and start parting it on the side. This can be as simple as taking one section of the hair and letting it sit with the side-swept bangs sitting on top. You can continue building the volume from the other side of the head and then finally secure the hair with some hair elastic. Then you just take the bun and secure it to your hair where you want it to sit.Front French Hairstyles

12- Simple French Braid With Flower Pins 

Creating the French braid hairstyle is a great way to get some personality into your appearance. It also is a very easy hairstyle to do and there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you are not sure how to do a French braid, you can always go to a hairstylist to ask for assistance. When you first try a French braid hairstyle, you will find it to be very bouncy and crazy. After a while, you will get used to it and the look will be very natural.Front French Hairstyles

To Sum Up! 

Front french hairstyles are so versatile that you will be able to do them any time of the day or night. The versatility of this type of hair is one of the main reasons that it has become such a popular style. With different types of braid hairstyles, you will be able to bring attention to any part of your body that you wish. You do not have to wear a dress or long veil if you do not want to. This is a great choice because it does not require any special accessories.

No matter what your preferences are, there are options for everyone. So what are the best front French hairstyles? That depends on your taste and the look you are trying to achieve. Make sure to let your hair decide what kind of hairdo it wants!

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